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  3. Taking my car to a shop to do some tin work. I’m excited to see what they can do.
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  5. Ok time for an update to this ad! Things that have been fixed replaced or updated Car has been detailed and polished and looks great! Engine oil and filter are new New coolant New aluminum polished radiator reservoir New vacuum lines New gear oil in reverse box New cable on reverse shifter A few new heims on front end to replace the worn ones Shampoo'd seats New gas New radiator hard line New steering wheel quick release Added a concoction of radiator seal and coolant to the tires, they no longer go flat Rebuilt brake pedals and polished reservoirs Polished light bar New coolant hoses Re-routed the turbo drain line to oil pan, this had previously caused the motor to smoke at idle, its no longer smoking at all There's probably some more stuff I am forgetting but the car is ready to hit the dunes. It's such a nice car and rides great. I hate to have to sell it but that's the way things go. You won't be disappointed with this car. Walk around IMG_0644.MOV A little rip IMG_0658.MOV IMG_0657.MOV Backing up IMG_0656.MOV
  6. BDS 4.71 polished blower and 4.3L GM engine for sale. Blower is in perfect condition. 4.3L engine needs overhaul. $2500.00 obo. Text if interested 760-475-2840. Has been a great dunning engine. More than enough power and torque. Going a different direction. Carb not included.
  7. Hello guys! Haven't posted or have been remotely involved recently and I’m sorry. I have a 2007 F250 4x4 lifted 10” on 37s. I am in the market for a toy hauler. The receiver height from the ground is 26.5”. Not sure how much of a drop I should do if I go with a bumper pull toy hauler. Maybe one of you all could guide me in the right direction, my belief is 8” drop? Also, if I do a receiver drop adapter, will it be remotely strong enough to hold a 7000-8000# trailer after I use the weight distribution hitch set up? Is my truck too tall to tow a 5th wheel? I’ve heard conflicting stories, and I figured you hooligans have done this and can guide me as well. Either way, if you tell me I’m stupid and can back it up, I will be appreciative. Thank you!! And it’s almost dune time! (I’ve been saying that since the weekend after Easter) lol
  8. I'm running 5.14 gearing and its the best no matter what power plant your running. 3rd gear cruising.
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  10. Awesome street legal dune buggy faster than rzr x3 turbo on eBay no reserve auction Awesome stereo looks even better 100mph all day f*cking long Faster than x3 rzr Powered by v6 Acura 3.2 ebay.com/itm/123824733404 602-326-3936
  11. We’re moving from Salt Lake City. I grew up in San Diego, so it’ll be good to hit the California spots again!
  12. Congrats! Where are you moving from? And welcome to DDR!
  13. Well, my wife and I just finished up a trip to Las Vegas to finish up signing for our Condo! I’ve been looking for an excuse to move to Vegas for about a year, and my employer offered me a transfer to the Las Vegas office! We’re stoked to be closer to Dumont, as well as Glamis, OW, and Johnson Valley. We’re excited to have paddles on our bikes all winter, and get to know some of the local Dumont regulars. Here’s some pics from our MLK weekend trip.
  14. Hello, selling my Pullrite Superglide 24k 5th wheel hitch. Complete automatic slide operation for standard bed trucks. It is the ISR series, works with standard base rails in bed. Selling because going to a newer truck with factory puck system. only had since the beginning of May, 3 trips on it. Manual included, also cleaned and lubed like the manual says before each trip. Paid $1600, asking $1000 OBO. Message or call text 7609534673.
  15. 2004 Quick Sand  CBM built 383 stroked LS6 (2014)  Fortin 4 speed Sequential Trans axle (2014) 934 Cv's  Howe power steering pump and rack New upper and lower a arms New 2" hollow spindles  Cnc front hubs Gear one rear hubs Fox shocks Intercom and car to car radio Led lights  Led whip Ump filter Twin radiator Oil cooler  New 044 fuel pump New fuel filters Beadlock front and rear tires Car has just had a complete service and is ready to dune. Oil and filter, trans axle oil, fuel filters, CV's greased, hubs greased, and new coolant. We rebuilt the engine in 2014 along with the trans axle. Only have used the car 5 times since and don't use it enough to justify having it. Car is a ton of fun and has been extremely reliable. Located in Colorado but will meet up closer to you. Asking $28,000 obo Please call 970-773-1081
  16. yeah it's up and will be running by fall. It's all in that article.
  17. I’m interested, which transmission? I’m in Indiana, will you consider assisting with shipping if I can figure how to check it ( your rail)out long distance. I have friends in Ca. But may just rely on honesty and face time. I’m looking to street legal the machine and have some fun rides. I’m used to working on old tube and fabric planes so I’m good with a machine that is good to start with. I prefer to stay away from cracked tubing, major mechanical issues and such. I’m real and expect the same from who I deal with Bill Hanna 765-620-7170, texting is ok, pics and conversation is ok. Thank you.

    Cell Tower

    Any update on the cellular tower?
  19. Duners, I'm running a 5.7l ls1 & Mendeola 2D, I exclusively run at Dumont & would appreciate knowing your gear ratios with the same set up. Thank you, Rick
  20. Sand Rail is ready for the dunes. 2110 strocker motor top end gone through new duel weber 44 carbs coil distributor wires plugs new seats and belts. Rail has set of sand tires and a set of road tires. This rail is extremely fast and very light weight. I "am just getting to old to use anymore time for a new owner. 7500.00 price is firm please call daytime only 435/559/4736 rail is located in Cedar City Utah.
  21. Unfortunately I've gone through a similar situation. After the first DMV gave issues (including the supervisor), had to go to 2 different ones to finally find an employee that knew what to do. My experience in CA is that each DMV interprets and goes by their own said rules when it comes to anything out of the ordinary (which would be everyday no brainer stuff).
  22. That is badass! Good luck with the sale.
  23. 1969 Baja Bug CALIFORNIA PLATED 2.2 liter Ford factory turbo very reliable with plenty of power Ophma battery 091 trans built by rancho upgrades inside. 930 Kartek Chrome moly CV’s w/ spare. Sway away chrome moly axles w/ spare. Axles and cv’s brand new. Brand new electric power steering. new sacco rack. Jaz 18 gal fuel cell. Fluidyne Radiators Jamar gas pedal CNC hanging break and clutch Jamar turning break Bucket seats upfront w/ 5 point harness 32” bench in rear w/ 5 point harness Quick release steering wheel Auto meter gauges 33x10.5 BF GOODRICH ALL TERRAIN method 15” double standard wheels FULL SET SAND TIRES w/ extra parts Definitely forgetting things MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE VERY MOTIVATED 17900 OBO!!!
  24. We just don't get out to the dunes anymore, sadly. I'd like to see this go to someone who can actually use it. 2014 Carson Utility ramp trailer, 6.5x14 bed. Tandem 3500# axles with single-axle brakes. Spare tire and carrier. Very lightly used, maybe three to four trips over the five years we've had it. There is rust showing through the factory paint in places, owing more to the cheap paint used by Carson than anything I've done. Paid $2500 new from the factory, I'd like to get $1500 for it. It really is in like-new condition other than the paint. Email me at noozeyeguy@gmail.com for more info or questions, I work 70+ hours a week so I might take a bit to get back to you.
  25. do you have a closer pic of the side of the nosecone area is this a 2D or a 4E
  26. first of all, you can have 10 titles, it does not matter I have sold plenty of cars to CA, the County of California does not recognize the titles to the Great state of Nevada, so it would not matter even if you have a Title, second Nevada only started titling OHV, UHV and UTV about 5 years ago, you got a Certificate from the dealer of manufacture, The big point is the Country of California is different then the Country of the USA, so you are from California and you want to by in United States of America, you will have to go into this process no matter what
  27. Please email through the link if interested. Second from top (located near Wasco, OR). Thanks! https://tpdtrailers.com/used-trailers/ Actually, here's the link to my trailer: https://tpdtrailers.com/listings/2002-cv820t-bumper-pull-2/ 20' Box. 17'10" usable floor from workbench/tool chest to rear. 89" rear opening. 81" between wells. All measurements +/-. Thanks!
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      Looks like youre the go to guy? Anyway im looking for some poor lad that has a sidewinder 3.8L GM fwd or equevilante, that has transposed it to rwd. Thought you might know. Thanks. Heres sand in your eyes
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      Anyone out there have, or have had a 3.8L GM sidewinder fwd, moved to the rear with the steering locked or blocked? Hit me up on do,s and donuts☺
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      hope everyone is well. some things came up and had to sell my baby a few months ago. starting over again with bone stock 2019 Yamaha. see you in the dunes

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      Lost Iphone 8 plus on sunday Feb 17th.It has a marble case on it .It has a rafiki(monkey) screen saver.If found please contact.Thank you!
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