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  1. Today
  2. Cool Kids Shaved Ice will be there!!! Serving 36 amazing flavors along with Toppings including Vanilla Ice Cream, Sour Spray, Chammoy & Tajin or Hawaiian Style with Leliko'i, (Sugar Free as well this year!! We have something for everyone!!) This year Cool Kids will be Serving State Fair Mini Dounuts- Cinnamon & Sugar/Pumpkin Spice/Salted Caramel & AppleCider Donuts.... Have some donuts with a nice warm Hot Chocolate or coffee!!! Other Sport Drinks & Sodas available as well. Will be open early till late. Come say Hello!!
  3. Let's be real, all that smoke isn't from the pyrotechnics. Looks like an awesome time Pete. Gotta make sure Stef doesn't see these pics, she'll give me sh*t for her not getting a "beach trip" this summer, lol. That Van is perfect for trips like that.
  4. That's hilarious. 100% Dumont. That's comp in the backround.
  5. Sandemon, can you clarify the date for the public meeting after the clean-up please? You wrote the year 2000, and wondering if it's supposed to be 2020?
  6. Looks like Dumont with that mountain range in the background. Also, this expert has no paddles or sand tires.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I have brought it up at every meeting for the last 3 years. Nothing can be changed until Dumont gets a "Business Plan" and Katerina has said that she doesn't have the staff to write one. The RRAC that approved the fee structure no longer has enough members to conduct any business, so they are not an option. I have brought up other ways to get it done but they have not been acceptable to the BLM management so we stay at a stalemate. The biggest issue's that I have heard is a second car (no toys or camping ability) and a day use pass, if you guys have any other ideas let me know and I will bring them up. Do not forget that there is a public meeting after the Cleanup on 3-14-2020 from 11:00 to noon at Dumont Dunes this is a time that anyone can bring up any concerns, likes and dislikes, and requests for information, any specific information please post on here so the BLM staff can bring it to the meeting.
  9. My question for the local dunes expert with a lifetime of experience at Imperial Sand Dunes.... can you show us a photo of you driving at your favorite dunes? {;o) If you're wondering what the point is... where is the expert actually driving? Found on the Imperial Sand Dunes site.
  10. Thanks. But I got a set in Vegas off Craigslist last night at midnight. Long nite but scored. Thanks. Car is the Straight turbo. Got 28’s.
  11. It's pretty cool. NO I'm not going to give coordinates! Part of the fun is in the finding of it. It's even nicely lit up at night.
  12. Dirt 2 Dunes Powersports will be there this year. Providing your basic UTV necessities. Belts, axels, Dune Therapy goggles, etc. https://www.facebook.com/dirt2dunes/
  13. Last week
  14. Here is the Trunk or Treat flyer! Some groups still do the old fashion camp-to-camp trick or treat thing, but this is also taking place Saturday night of Halloween and has proved to be a great time. The event page...
  15. Looking to buy either 28” or 30” paddles and fronts, full wheels and tires or just tires for my 18 mav x3 turbo. Thanks !
  16. I am looking for a winch for my 2011 Yamaha Grizzly 350. Is the Warn ATV Winch, highly recommended?
  17. Went down to Irvine to catch Slightly Stoopid & The Interrupters then killed a few days in Newport, Crystal Cove, Huntington and Seal Beach.
  18. Short Bus Ice Cream will be there. Ice cream, glow toys, energy drinks, snacks, ice, firewood.
  19. Everyone has their calling in life, and I think you have given me mine haha! #fireworksmatter
  20. Man, that's the best part of being out in the dunes! Ya it illegal blah, blah, blah. I mean, is the firework "problem" at Dumont any worse than Johnson Valley, Ocotillo Wells, *whispers in fear for offending rival forums*...Glamis? To me it's not. Regardless, I still may reconsider bringing my immense firework investment out for Thanksgiving then Lol
  21. That would be great if we could get some recent info on what the reason is that BLM has resisted this for so long. Thanx Pete
  22. You will be required to show your pass on your way out, unless you fly by the wee hours of the morning, when there's no BLM officials at the entrance/exit.
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