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  1. You've got to be kidding! Someone stole it? Why can't people leave stuff alone?
  2. Ahhh, you didn't say you were looking for diesel. I thought you wanted to put fuel in the hauler. I usually top off the diesel elsewhere, before hooking up the hauler.
  3. There aren't many, if any, gas stations in the NW that I'd take a chance pulling into with a toy hauler. If you head out to Dumont using 95N, you can use the Snow Mountain Smoke Shop gas station on the Paiute Indian Reservation. Easy in and out, plus they have propane.
  4. I've never seen any ATV rentals at Dumont.
  5. I have an '07 Attitude 33AKS. Works great for us. Love the trailer. What are you going to be hauling?
  6. Yes, you are correct. Halloween weekend will be 10/26-10/28/18.
  7. Is this an LBZ Duramax?
  8. Heading out tomorrow - Sunday. The dunes should be like glass with the "W" blowing.
  9. Yup, I remember when Ynot put in a lot of effort to help make the clean-up what it was. That's what I was wondering when I heard the clean-up(s) were back on. The participation was impressive I don't imagine they'll ever be the way they once were. That's the area we camp.
  10. Thanks, is there a sign-in roster, raffle and BBQ like in previous years?
  11. Is there a clean-up taking place this year? Anyone know when?
  12. I'll have to take a closer look and see what brand it is, and try to get a model number or something. Happijack bed lifts seem to be the popular models these days, and I don't think this one is a Happijack.
  13. Went to drop the electric beds yesterday, and it turns out that one of the nylon straps that allows lowering/raising of the beds, is broken. Trailer is an '06 Weekend Warrior FS2600. I've already checked Warrior Lifestyles, Warrior Gear, Eclipse RV among others I can't remember. Having no luck finding the part. Anyone know where to find a replacement part?
  14. What part of town do you live in? I live in the NW, and take 95N to the 160. Yes , there's a pretty darn good grade to pull, but that's about the worst of the trip. You'll go right into Pahrump, where you can top off fuel, pick up any last minute forgotten items, or whatever. From the 160, make a right at the McD's (I forget the Route #) and follow all the way to the 127 in Shoshone where you'll make a left, and Dumont is not too far from there.
  15. Well, I called around some more today, and wouldn't you know I found a place to install it this Friday? Reasonably priced as well. Lucky me! I appreciate all the tips guys, and thanks DuNe~Rydher for the offer.
  16. I am in Vegas. I called Johnny Walker, and they are fully booked through November or so. I called all the typical RV Dealers & camping supply places, and most are booked, you have to be a member, or their prices are just flat out ridiculous.
  17. Just purchased a 5th wheel hitch online. Should be here later this week. Now to find a shop to install it. It's not something I'd want to try to do myself. Anyone have any good recommendations? Any idea on installation cost? Thanks in advance.
  18. I'll throw my 2 cents in...As long as we've been going to D, I can't say we've had quite the experience as the OP in this thread. There may be more to the story that is going untold. I believe that if you follow the rules & regulations at Dumont, and give any LEO no reason to make contact with you, then you should be fine. There was one time when a LEO was slow rolling by camp, saw us drinking out of glass bottles (and all the empty bottles on the ground) and had us clean up our mess and gave us a friendly warning, and told us to have a nice day. Other then that, I don't give them a reason to make contact with me.
  19. Are you bringing this out for Presidents Day?
  20. Good info here. My buddy has an NRG (or something like that) hauler. He has the same problem. I wonder if they use the same model motor?
  21. Awww, thats so cute Craig!
  22. I just purchased an extra fuel" jug at Ride Now on Rancho, and get home only to find out it's not approved for fuel transport as Mike above said. WTF?
  23. i never heard of that part. Is that the part that was causing your generator to put out 140V? I'm glad you figured it out. Sounds like a cheap fix, although removing the unit from the hauler is no fun.
  24. There's a Generac dealer in NLV, somewhere in the neighborhood of Cheyenne & Losee. I was able to get a service manual/trouble-shooting guide from them for my old Generac QuietPact 5500. Maybe work some magic & see if they can hook you up. It was a great help.
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