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  1. Should have seen the messes some left after Halloween. Not just in the normal camping areas. Lots of inconsiderate slobs in the dunes as well. We pack more out, but damn, some people somehow leave more than they brought!
  2. Found it interesting that the wiring from the controller is connected to the converter. Obviously on the B+ circuit to feed the batteries. Most all RV solar diagrams show direct to battery connections. Was this to eliminate more wiring to get to the batteries, was it as instructed, or a "Hey, if I do it this way, it will do the same thing!" idea? It actually makes sense.
  3. My wife lost the "large" diamond off her ring. She spent the next several hours tracing her steps and we spent a lot of time walking around with our heads bowed down scanning the sand. She even rode her quad along her old tracks real slow while leaning over, way over, the handlebars scanning the sand. She again thought about all she did that day and went back to an area in camp where she took her gloves off. (Why she wore riding gloves over that ring is beyond me) She sat there in the sand moving sand back and forth looking for a glint of the priceless stone. Her persistence paid off as she did find the rock in what all in camp thought was gone. I had written the rock off hours before and she knew I was pissed that she even wore her ring while riding. The almost impossible find did not come without cost. Having the setting in the ring fixed for a more secure hold on the rock and buying special insurance against loss made that trip a "little" more expensive than it should have. So you can still say I still "lost" something at Dumont.
  4. That super lifted truck had no choice. He had to cross. If he spent that kind of cash on all that equipment, this is probably the only opportunity he had to USE it. If he didn't try, he's got no reason to drive that truck. Props to him! It appears he needs to secure his fuel jugs a little better though.
  5. I work on them. Great engine. Just USE IT! It hates in town driving (grocery getter) Don't try any bio or ag diesel. use Ultra low sulfer. If you buy one, use it like it was meant to be used. The problems the early 6.7s had are pretty much gone. Any aftermarket hop up stuff is not recommended due to the emissions system. (but that hasn't stopped a lot of owners!) the 2010 trucks are beautiful! IMHO. BTW, I have an 05 5.9 CTD 6 spd manual, quad cab long bed. Greatest truck I have owned. No plans to get new anytime soon.
  6. I just switched over to the 6v GC Batts. Costco. I will always bring a 12v battery along just in case one of the 6 volters fails. That is about the only drawback to running 2 6 volts. If one fails, you are S.O.L. If you have the room, put 4 of them on your rig. Then you are covered. If you care for them, they will last for years.
  7. We use one too and love it. Make sure you are around when the coffee is done brewing to shut it off. Also, when it is done, have a thermos ready to pour the fresh coffee into as the coffee maker does not keep the coffee hot. You will have to pack filters, coffee beans (several flavors), grinder, etc.
  8. Surround your camp with kiddie tracks. BTW, 50 feet is not that far. A pickup with a 30' trailer. Should be no problem putting cones at a 50' perimeter. But you will likely invite someone to cut through if you get out to near 100. (fingers not included) JMHO.
  9. I also fill up at the Valero in Baker. However, I use a whole house filter hooked up to the spigot. Filters the water before it goes into the hauler. Use it anytime I fill away from home. I also do not drink the water. Just have always used a filter on all my RVs. JM2C.
  10. Well Darn! I did say the week, not weekend. We'll be leaving Friday. Guess we'll miss some killer racing!
  11. Planning on being at the D for a few days starting Easter PM. Seems that the group that was going has dwindled to only us. From what I have been reading, most are breaking camp on Easter. Was hoping there will be some that are staying longer or going to be there the week of 13-17. Would be great to camp with/near someone.
  12. You need a Class "A" license with a doubles endorsement. There are different forms of the class "A" license. You need to do the regular stuff to get a class A. Test, physical, etc. The driving test is the kicker. You need to take the test with what you will be driving under the A. When you pass you will be able to drive only what you tested for. (An A for a P/U and trailer won't let you drive a big rig) Then you get a doubles endorsement which I believe is only a written test. Oh yeah, anyone that is towing a triple axle RV trailer or fiver is legally supposed to have a Class A. There is a maximum length. Similar to the Motorhome with a trailer length. People push the limits but usually don't get messed with unless they do stupid stuff. I am interested in towing doubles as well. I figure if some of these characters that drive big rigs can get an A license, then, almost anybody with a pulse can get one!
  13. NEW REQUIREMENT! All Wisconsin Recreational Safety Students are now required to obtain a lifetime DNR Customer #. If you have a Wisconsin fishing license or hunting license, you already have been assigned a DNR Customer # and can find it on your license (as "Cust #"). If you have not already been assigned a DNR Customer #, you can obtain your DNR Customer #, (7AM to 10PM, seven days a week) by calling Wisconsin DNR Customer Service at 1-888-936-7463, or you can visit a DNR Service Center during their regular scheduled hours. For DNR Service Center hours and locations go to www.dnr.wi.gov/. You will not be able to complete the online exam if you do not already have your DNR Customer #. Please make sure you have it available before you begin the online exam. Below is from: http://www.atvsafety.gov/state/california.html California State Laws: All operators on public lands are required to wear a helmet at all times. All ATVs are required to be titled and registered with the owner receiving a numbered plate for the ATV. Registration is to be renewed once each year. No one under 18 is to operate an ATV on public land unless they are in possession of a safety certificate or with an adult who possesses a safety certificate. No one under 14 may operate an ATV on public land unless they are in possession of a safety certificate and under the direct supervision of an adult who possesses a safety certificate. No passengers are allowed at any time while on public lands, except one passenger may be carried if the ATV is designed for a passenger. ATVs may not be used on highways, except to cross these highways.
  14. The real question is............................ Will he do it (the jump) again?
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