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  1. Thanks Mike, I kinda made a last minute trip just me and the kids for my b-day, Johnny was out of town. It was a good time!
  2. But i love Dumont! I just sit and wait patiently for the heat to go away
  3. Those are really good! I think we might sneak out there one more time this weekend, i just don't want the season to be over!!
  4. Here's another one! Man it was so nice, hot though!
  5. Love when its so peaceful! This is from this weekend
  6. I don't know about jacket weather? But 80's would be nice!
  7. AHHH the good ole' days when nobody said nothin!
  9. North pole? uhh... comp hill, go left til you see it
  10. Uhhh what the ???? gotta be something better to do!
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