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Status Updates posted by dunefreak

  1. Power steering is done!

  2. Buggy is getting closer. Still a bit more to do though.

  3. Sunday Sunday Sunday! Pretty quiet in here this weekend. 

  4. Prepping for Halloween. I'm almost ready. 

  5. I am ready for the weekend!

  6. Dune time! Heading out for the weekend

  7. I got 143 miles on the new KTM today...in the dirt! I love this bike

    1. rushjunkie


      where's the pics???

    2. dunefreak


      That was from last weekend. Just did another 150 today. I'll put some up soon.

  8. Supercross was the sh*t last night! yiah

  9. 170 mile dual sport ride today...good times! Awesome weather

  10. Gearing up for prime dual sport season now!

  11. Going thru pics from yesterday

  12. Stoked for Saturday!

  13. I wanna go back to D soon...very soon.

  14. We're gettin awfully close to regatta time!

  15. Let the ATC70 parts orders begin! lol

  16. Hard pack single track or dunes this weekend? hmm decisions decisions

    1. dunefreak


      It's looking like maybe both! Still trying to decide on Sunday.

  17. Slow day at work. I could have stayed at Dumont!

  18. woohoo ripped a control arm tab on half yesterday but we got her welded bsck up. yiah! back to duning

  19. Time for another day of pimp my garage! :)

  20. Sweet! I figured out how to put the "back to top" link into every post.

  21. Back to work after a kickass weekend at Dumont. All morning I've been thinking of all the good times we had. I lost my voice from laughing and partying so much. lol Good times.

    1. Randog


      Sure was Awesome! yeah, WORK.... shoulda stayed all week in the dunes. Foe schizzz! If you think about it, We spent more time awake when the sun was down. lol. derrr

  22. I better kick this cold before this weekend!

    1. Randog
    2. dunefreak


      yeah right! I wish that cured he cold virus.

  23. Happy birthday, Andy!

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