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    Its just one of those new yfz450r's that Yamaha makes.
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    i like hanging out at the dunes-i like to get my truck stuck in the sand as much as possible-i like to bum sandrail rides off my fellow duners-i like lunchables ALOT!-i like beer ALOT!-i like social distortion ALOT!-Personal cell no.702-281-5421 call with something meaningful and important fockers!

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  1. Im down for it ill bring my quad!
  2. Caleb do you still have that badass cart?
  3. Badass pics Pete!Even Bert's teeth look bigger and whiter with that cool camera of yours!
  4. Ive been going pretty hard on my quad riding the dirt trails getting used to the speed and all.Basically ive been doing this every weekend since about the middle of september I now feel a whole lot comfortable riding the quad now my mind is getting used to how fast im going which makes me more comfortable.Hopefully ill be able to go out by halloween this year its about the same time my sis returns from her 1 year tour of duty from the navy so who knows what will happen but I hope to see you all sooner rather than later!
  5. I want some grape drink!

    1. dunefreak


      Wtf is JUICE, nigga? LOL

    2. SKINNER


      i aint sure what grape drink is, but you should try purple drink! thats good sh*t!

  6. Holy crap its right now!im on my way!
  7. Am I the only one confused on this post? returning the favor? I can dig the part about the burrito giving though lol!
  8. It takes no time at all to pick up your own trash and the general upkeep of the campsite in general if you just keep a trashbag handy and always ready by the time your time at dumont is up you dont really have to spend a whole lotta time picking it up just wanted to say thanks to everyone that I camped with everyone was doing the same by the time I was leaving the whole camp looked pretty clean in general
  9. Note to self-dont pass out in the sand! :drunk2:
  10. It was a great weekend for sure had so much fun puttin in some more practice on my quad forgot to go into the haunted house on venders row There was so much to see and people to talk to the time seemed to fly by and I got in about 11:30ish midnight thursday.Now with the holidays :angry2: comin I might not be able to make anymore runs till new years but this trip was one that can hold me till then! :drunks:
  11. Dunefreak is letting me borrow his paddletires again so I can go out there so i'll see you all there!
  12. count me in cole ill be there prollly around 9:30-10ish good times fo sho!
  13. From what I remember Taco was fast on her quad and did spank the pants off of many duners 2 bad she dont come out no more but ya know- what can you do?
  14. Congrats April and Dave very happy for the both of you.
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