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  1. 5-Seater, LS1 Motor, Long travel. Less than 35 hours. $40,000.00 OBO Located in Yucaipa, CA (Nine-O-nine) 557-8477
  2. OMG hilarious. Boston Cream "Pup" buaahaahaa!!
  3. This is a petition for an animal cruelty case set to go to court on July 23rd. The petition is to ask for a harsher sentence against the dog's owner, who has a history of animal neglect. This took place in South Carolina, where the dog was put in a cage with no food or water and left to die in 100+ degree heat. The animal was found on the third day, dead. It is really simple to sign, just follow this link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/282/325/874 Thank you.
  4. Another celeb to add to the list that have died this year. Crazy year!
  5. Sorry to hear that When it rains it pours. Hope everything goes okay.
  6. I agree. I am appalled that he has been allowed to come back to a professional sports league. People who abuse/kill animals should not be glorified in front of us every Sunday. I am extremely disappointed with the NFL's decision on this one.
  7. Raiders!! They'll make a comeback eventually, after Al Davis dies
  8. Baby triathalon is the perfect word. I have found that it is quite the juggling act between feeding, changing, and trying to decipher which cry is for what. Lucky for us she is a good baby right now. Daddy says she is not even allowed to play with boys right now as a baby, so this ought to be interesting 15 years from now lol He would have rocked the shirt, but Bert is right~he didn't have one. I guess we can go back to the hospital and do this all over again Thank you everyone for the comments!! We are so thrilled!
  9. Introducing the newest DDR member, Aspen Hope. Born on her due date, August 6th at 10:34PM. 8lbs 11 oz 19" long Happy, healthy, and already has daddy wrapped around her finger
  10. Great show! Thanks for the entertainment!! Those darn peeps get out more than I do, how sad is that?! lol I'm thinking with all the new babies to DDR, maybe you should have a "Where do Peeps come from?" special :ah:
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