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  1. Smackdown vs. Raw baby!
  2. I just checked with a dealer in northern UT. He's selling them for $7300 OTD.
  3. Did you guys see the cover of Dirtwheels? This thing is sick! 72 horses stocks? F'n crazy.
  4. Anyone hangin' around till Monday the 12th? We'll be there for the day.
  5. Rule of thumb is 10 hours. If its new, change it every ride for the first few rides.
  6. We'll be out there for the day on Sun. We usually park in between the alley going to comp. Hopefully the sand will be smooth.
  7. The world is overpopulated as it is, so if some tweekers want to get lit up and die, that's fine with me.
  8. What are the temps. out there that time of year?
  9. Pick up the latest issue of QUAD. They did a shootout with the YFZ and 700R. The 700 was the winner in the dunes and on the trails. The YFZ won on the MX track. For your size, no question about it. 700R, DS 650, or the VForce 700.
  10. Because those rangers out there are reading on a 4th grade level and still live with their parents.
  11. You should mount a .30 caliber on the car. Lots of desert out there.
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