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  1. i had nextel it only worked for me at the entrance.. now i have verizon and i have 3 bars on my phone when im out anywhere at dumont... it rocksssssss
  2. yea i was out this weekend with my boss and my son we had a blast... didnt know many peeps was goin out but none the less it was great!! couple pics i took in one of them he fell asleep during the rhino ride and then he started crying when we were going to take him out he still wanted to ride!! haha you gotta love kids!
  3. Thats what i paid last time at the rebel warehouse.. $6/gal... anyone know anywhere else to get a good deal?
  4. I had a great time as usuall!!! good to see pete and the boys again and i will be out for more trips... girlfriend and son dylan loved the dunes it was thier first time out but im sure they are hooked!! hope steve-o took you guys the big pan of brisket and chicken... lol or he prob kept it for himself!! hahah tell next trip guys!!
  5. Yea u gotta give mary and dylan a ride in the buggy... dylan's been asking for junior for a week now!! it'll be like old times!!
  6. yep shes got the day off and im bringing my smoker so im going to smoke a 15lb brisket for the whole day sat!! im loading up all the stuff in craigs trailer on thurs night!!! im back with a vengence!
  7. i wont be out for thanksgiving day but will be out on sat... sorry guys but i'll fry one on sat.. hahah
  8. ive done it for the last 2-3 years.. i got the whole setup... itz pretty ez and i got it down to a "T" since i do it for t-day and xmas..
  9. I'll be there... some deep fry'd turky on the menu...
  10. it was great seeing the ddr peepz again!! and yes the official ddr chef will be out for thanksgiving... got a deep fried turkey on the menu!! see told you stacie i was going to be there!! hahah j/k
  11. wow i was actually there to cook.. hahah good seeing you guys again!!!
  12. hahah not true.. i saw u at ross's wedding and said hi... anyways yes i am going!!! im finally moving in my new house at the end of the week so i'll be out to dumont on some R&R... o yes some drunkeness also.. the banshee will see sand again.. wow!! lol
  13. did i hear bbq???????????? hmm what should i make for you guys..
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