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Lady Busa

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    2005 Itasca MH
    2009 Stacker Trailer
    2004 Excursion
    2001 Weekend Warrior for the extra people
    2005 Colliers Custom Liberator Sand car Hayabusa powered(Turbo)
    2002 Predator Sand Car
    2009 Polaris RZR 180 Red
    1986 Honda 250r Fourtrax
    1995 KDX 200 For our Daughter
    2008 KLX 110 for our Grandson
    2006 Lil 50 Quad for the babies
    2003 KTM Super Mini for wee ones.
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    Apple Valley, CA
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    Real Estate Broker REPO Specialist in California
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    Family, Friends, God, Outdoors, Peoples feelings.

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  1. 2003 Collier's Custom Turbo Hayabusa Sand Car
  2. Thank you for doing your thing! God bless this family and all the families, duners or not who have been impacted by this tragedy.
  3. We will plan on it! We love the dunes and my Grandkids need to be taught how to keep OUR dunes Clean!
  4. The dunes were cleaned up. Mother Nature took care of that Monday night. LOTS of virgin sand left and when we left Wednesday probably less than 50 coaches out there!
  5. Pulled in Saturday am. Set up pulled the cars out, and just sat for while to UNWIND! So after a few, another buddy pulled in and got all situated with him. We had one of our good ol buds hold down the dunes haunt spot for the other 5 rigs to come in. Seems we like it there. Not to thrashed, not too busy yet we can see all coming in and watch the show where the sand pit eats all the newbys up! Just kidding we even helped them get back on the sand! LOL Night perimeter run and landed at Comp. what a fun time seems like all of us needed to let our hair down. Met new peeps by the fire they set up. Then headed back to camp and chilled out by our fire. The rest of the weekend was a blast. The best runs were New Year's Day after Mother Nature blew off some steam herself the night before. WOW what virgin sand! Fast runs made our own lines and did not have to dodge any moving targets. I broke my buggy some FMU issue will have to fix that so I rode with my husband in his HOT BUS cranked up the tunes and had a blast, but not before he put me in our ill 1600 baby step learner buggy! MAN AM I SPOILED! That car beat the sh** out of me. Guess what, I'm am making some changes on that thing for sure. So yeah we had a great time did not talk with any DDR peeps out there although we saw you all. Our next rip will be end of Feb. not prez weekend. Want some smoother lines for sure. Happy new year to you all!
  6. Just got home. SAND was awesome New Year's Day . Not too many moving targets and got in some really fast runs. Allot of fluff over by Angel hill! Good times, all ok. Some minor repairs on toys! It's all good!
  7. This is really sad. Not only a fellow duner but a fellow resident. ALWAYS strap in people please!
  8. Never good news when we lose a fellow duner. Prayers to the family
  9. Happy New Year to our Dunes Families!
  10. Looks like we are headed out this afternoon. Can't wait!!!!!!
  11. Man what I could do if I had more time to work on this stuff. Ho Hum, I guess I won't worry about it til it is time to come out there next year! That is if all you duners want the Haunt back? How About let's get a vote on it? Do your kids and the one inside you enjoy the DunesHaunt? I would like to see at least a 1/3 of what came through the doors respond if you could please. By the Way, we had 1500+ come through the haunt, That was AMAZING!!! Thank you.
  12. That is the Truth. You pay it forward for sure. Glad you enjoyed your weekend, get the buggy fixed and come on out and play again, and again, and again..................
  13. Lady Busa

    IMG 4503

    Duners getting their Haunt On at Dumont Dunes! DunesHaunt 2012 by the Fox Family
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