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  1. Dunes aren't goin anywhere. Im good after one day. But im stayin for three days .fri thru sun. Cause a few of my dune friends are hangin out a bit longer.
  2. Bearzx72...ive driven to big bear to snow board for the day. And thats a 3 1/2 hour drive and drive back to vegas . Also to brianhead ski resort thats only 3 hours away.... life is toooo short . To put off today for another day. Im just sayin. Either way if we don't see you this month theres 5 other months ..
  3. Dune-Rydher.. not a problem. Im also leaving very early. I might catch up to a bunch of ya on the road. Im trying to get there by 6am. Wanna hit sunrise dunes. I'll try to be quiet. ..6-B area is where im gonna be. I'll have a RED BULL flag on my buggy.
  4. Dude I have a Toyota truck I can pull you push you what ever you like its a Toyota. Lol. Don't worry about getting stuck I got this. Lol. BAM......
  5. I will also be there by 6am. Have breakfast ready...lol. last week when I went I rode thru the dunes when sun was comin up. Its such a nice feeling . Watching the sun reflection fron the smooth sand and the shadow separating from the razor backs. Such an awesome view. Wish my wife would enjoy such a feeling but she won't get up that early. ..
  6. Its a 1hr and 15min from gas station on blue diamond. Give or take 5min. Either way I'll be there at 6am . Ready to tear up the dunes... btw. We are talkin about Sunday ????? The oct. 5th.
  7. The dunes are smooth. Just 2-5 campers out there today. Im ready for next week.
  8. Dunes were smooth .. virgin type of sand. A couple tracks but no one was riding. Can't wait for next week.
  9. It was a very awesome day today. Nice cool temp. with very light breeze. Unfortunately I had to come back after a couple hours of riding. My generator belt got twisted and started to fray apart. So I decided to load up and head straight to NV.off road buggy. Bought and replaced belt. Its all good ready for next week.
  10. Not a problem. See ya next week.
  11. I would like to be back by noon. Its a last minute plan.
  12. There should be other cars out there.
  13. Last minute plans.. im in. Life is toooo short. Why not... lets doit.
  14. Last minute plans.. im in. Life is toooo short. Why not... lets doit.
  15. Hahahahah. Sorry. Misprint. .. I meant newly....mis typed.
  16. Ok .. here it is. Im goin to Dumont tomorrow morning for the day. Weather. 61-87degrees. . 8mph light winds... I've spoke with wiley and he might go. He might even already loaded his car. Friends and family of DDR. Lets take advantage of this perfect weather. Meeting at 5am from gas station on blue diamond rd. And Charleston. .. ya know where to meet. If anybody running late we will be near bathroom #6... like last month. Hope to see someone out there .. any questions please hit me up anytime. Fastony ... 702-439-9097.. im loaded up and ready ...
  17. 99 is the hi. That would be around 2-3pm. We would be gone by then. It'll be 75-80 degrees in the morning. Thats awesome weather. Im still all in. Every weekend from here on for me. Then nov I'll slow down.
  18. Newly. Thats an awesome idea...sand dunes and pool/b.b.q... lets doit.
  19. May I replace that flag with a dolphin flag....lol.
  20. Maybe its just me.... but I like the old school sandrails with vw motor in them. I cant see myself ever buying a sxs/rzr. I spent all summer workin on my rail I'm ready for Dumont and glamis ... unless winter hits. I wanna check out brianhead new quad speed chair...snowboard season is also on its way....
  21. Im excited about this trip also. Not much of the dunes but getting together with an awesome group of people who are down to earth and willing to give a hand if needed. DDR. Had me laughing all the way home on our last trip.
  22. Its called memory view...what goes up must come down. .. for example. Goin up comp hill. You know either way you turn its gonna be a smooth turn around back down.try not lookin into the dark. Follow the beam of light reflecting off the wheels. (It works for me.)
  23. I learned to ride razor backs at nite by riding in the day. 10ft. Before crossing over I close my eyes and feel the dune as I go over.. I have done it for years. So when I ride at nite I just remembered the days ive gone over with eyes shut.plus I would never ever indtall lites over head .... it just picks up alot of shadows and dust mist overhead. ...im just sayin from my 29 years experience. .. in the dunes. Lol....
  24. Im in for sunday im also gonna be there Saturday for the day.
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