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  1. Hey pete im not able to get out there til Saturday morning. Ces is in town and everyone needs a limo... $$$$$$$$$$$. To be made...
  2. I'll stop by Pete's campground and say hello I'm just across the way at bathroom 10
  3. Damn. That's great to hear. Im goin this weekend. ... MLK . Lets do this.
  4. Sandchick.. that sux. Glad you all are fine. People not gonna ever learn . we all remember what happened in October whith that young kid died on his sxs in the middle of night. This kids (god forbid) are gonna hurt someone or even themselves and the parent gonna wish they'd never should have given these kids that huge responsibility to drive a buggy careless. ....
  5. did anybody question the driver of the Shrek car
  6. whatever did happen to the driver of the car and the owner whatever did go down
  7. Take it to the dunes. .. I wanna see it go... thats awesome.
  8. @59bisquick. I'll be heading out for MLK weekend. Not sure where you'll be but im gonna park very near to #10... im meeting sandcrab and others Dune buggys
  9. Damn. That's terrible. Hope they get well soon.
  10. Yeup. Im not able to go till Saturday morning. ... I have to drive limo from 7a-7p...
  11. Its under lost I phone6.....
  12. Im in the s. West. South Summerlin to be exact. Trop. And town center. I have no snow in my yard . Then again when I got home my wife had the heater on at 85 degrees... she's from south America . And im from the Caribbean island... we like it hot. . Happy New years ddr. ..
  13. How's it out there??? It looks sunny but is it ? Is it warmer than 45 degrees ?
  14. Please explain. .. when I go to ddr website then click onto weather. It shows a 5day forecast for tecopa ca. It reports 27degrees. Etc. Im just going with what it states. ..
  15. Yeup. Sand~snake. I've been on the strip since 6am. Its cold and windy but not much snow here on the strip. .. a few flurries but nothing big.... everyone who's on the strip are/Will gonna freeze. Im off at 6pm ... can't wait to get home. ... 12hr shift is easy (in a limo)....Happy New years. ..
  16. Check lost and found. Sssand found a pink phone its posted.
  17. Yaaaay. Lets go to Dumont and snowboard. It should be in the hi 20's... who's in? ?????????
  18. That's awesome Pete. .. glad you all had an great time. Video was cool.
  19. I can't do 25mph. I have to go less. My Damn trailer lights are perfectly align with my truck rear tires . It kicks up rocks and breaks the lens every time I do 25mph...I tried covering them up with sponge/foam and duct tape but I forget to take them off on the way home. .. so I just do 24mph...it seems to work.
  20. Damn cobra46 that sux. Hope all gets fixed before MLK. Weekend. Glad everyone is safe.
  21. Pete we know what happens at camp when the buggys are put away and bottles service comes out. (All the bees start showing up). Lol. There's no sleep .
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