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  1. I don't get it. Im not a ca resident. Wouldn't I need a ca. Sticker ???? Nv. Tag is for nv. ???? Non resident sticker for ca. ????
  2. Do I still need a non resident 2015 sticker for dumont if I have a nv. Registration tag. ??????
  3. I decided not to go to glamis this year so I might show up at your camp site. Ill be in a purple sandrail.
  4. I mixed all sorts of alcohol ... I had no control . I was doin fine untill u made me that fourth drink then it hit me. It felt weird. ..then lights were out. Lol. No more for me ever......
  5. Hey pete as long theres no beez im good. Lol.
  6. Gagagagaghahahhaha lol. I get it. lool. Next week should be nice.
  7. I wanna thank sand chick for the compliments.. lol. Happy to see ya. Mike look very busy.. glad ya had a good time.
  8. I have a purple basic tribal whip. Wasn't bright enough. Tribal replaced for a better whip for a small fee. I went with the green this time. Its soooo much brighter. Thanx and props to Russ at tribal whip.
  9. 5mph... ?????? Not sure where you were at . But at Dumont dunes fri late nite thru sat very early morning. It was 40mph gust. It was a white blanket of dust I couldn't see my front wheels. Lol.
  10. Not me. I was in my trailer chillin with friends watchin cartoons on dvd. Lol. a lot of tequila went down. Lol.
  11. Im Hispanic. ..lol. or cuban.. while everybody was at south pole I was raiding ice chest for beer...lol. im kidding.
  12. Udp...mike. lol. I didn't know it was you. On banchee hill. You should had said something. Hope you had fun. Im goin this weekend . Then to glamis for thanx givin.
  13. I can't do that . If I can't see where im goin due to bad winds and sand blowing everywhere. Im stayin indoors. I tip my hat to those who were out there being sand blasted.
  14. I didnt see much dunners out there late fri nite while it was blowing 40mph gust. Where were ya... "true hard dunners " I'll tell ya where I was . In my 36ft. Rv trailer. Chillin with wine beer and tequila. .. and ny steaks. With family.
  15. People didn't care about the swastika flag... People were having toooo much fun to worry about that stupid flag.. they didn't bother me... I didn't bother them..... plus I didn't go to Dumont to put my blue belt jiujitsu in play. Thats why I compete to release all my anger ... dunes are for duning .... no need to cause trouble. ....thats just me ...
  16. All I have to say is. When I say the gust gonna blow ya better believe its gonna blow. Fri late night thru sat Morning and beyond was 35-40 mph gust. I saw a small family of mom dad and 2 young kids in a 8 man dome tent being blow to hell. Since I had a 6-8 man trailer rv. I invited them in to my rv. They were soooo happy. I put on some cartoons on a dvd . And they were happy. I'll be at Dumont this weekend again... in my purple people eater sandrail. Lolm
  17. Nope nothing was done about it . It was there all weekend.
  18. I had an awesome weekend but late Friday night through Saturday it was not 22 miles an hour it was 35 miles an hour Gust.. otherwise Thursday early Friday and all day sunday was beautiful
  19. Awesome.... ill be out there by 7-8pm tonite. Lookin forward for some hog haeven...
  20. That was an awesome nite. I had soooo much fun that nite. You all got me drunk ..lol. I cant believe I was being attacked by bee's. ..lol. pete kept on makin me triple cocktails. ..
  21. I remember back in the day when Steve Abbott worked there. Lol.
  22. Im a fair weather guy. Lol. When I snowboard I like it sunny and groomed runs when wake board I like it glass at the lake and when head to the dunes it has to be calm winds ..lol. i hate sand in my superman undies...but for this weekend im renting a rv trailer and im gonna be inside if it blows...
  23. Nice wish i was there. But I have to wait til thurs nite.
  24. Hahahahahahaj. Lol. Ok just a little . hysterical and dramatic... btw pete. No alcohol for me this weekend. I don't wanna see bee's agsin...lol.
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