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  1. Quiet ?????? Hahahahahahahahah .... ooooohhhhhhkay.
  2. Correction regarding the heat.. not for me but my buggy with the 2275 vw motor don't do well .. in the heat.
  3. Im goin for the day on Saturday. ( MLK) due to I have plans to hit Brianhead again. . Snow was awesome this weekend im trying to take advantage of it . And in the same time tryin to play in the dunes. Any body else wants to remind me regarding holiday in February. ... or forever hold your peace.
  4. Thanx pete for the info I wanted to go but I only have a small window of time to play in the snow. . I have 2-3 trips left for snowboarding then I'll be back on the sand. Hopefully before it gets too hot. Then I'll be takin the jet boat out during the summer. .. nice pics pete look like an awesome time. Btw. Im only messing with ddr website people. I can handle any wind, heat, cold and rain.... lol. See ya soon.
  5. Anybody else wants to tell me president weekend is in February. .lol. hahahahajaj
  6. Sometime in February. ...not sure.
  7. Come on people im definitely not a cry baby. I've been goin to Dumont and glamis since 1984... I've been there and done it soooo many times. Been to Dumont when it had snow on back side of comp. Been there when it rain all weekend been there when it blew 50mph gust. Like I said been there when I was gung ho. But now that im much older and can pick and choose my day/weekend trip. Im a fair weather guy... why be miserable when I could be happy on a warm sunny day. Remember when . Im snowboarding im moving around and blood flows warm when in a buggy me/you are just sitting still not allowing blood flow. It gets cold... soooo yeah im not a cry baby. I choose my day trip wisely. .
  8. Hjajajajajajajhahahaj lol. Snow board pants snowboarding jacket Bennie thermal top thermal bottom...but according to DdR weather.com assist 37 the high... it's snowboard season anyways I'll hit the dunes presidents weekendy'all be safe out there
  9. Hey Pete I would luv to go but the 37 degrees scare me. ...and thats the hi...
  10. Merry Christmas ddr.... I almost loaded up this morning and headed to Dumont but the 40mph gust last nite woke me up. Soooo I decided just to stay home....and wax my snow board for Brianhead. ..Saturday. ...
  11. According to the pics I took at the 9:30am ride it shows about 10buggys- 3-4quads and 3sxs.... (According to my pics)...
  12. Had an awesome day with ddr group. On Saturday. Great lookin cars out at Dumont. Can't wait till next year to get a new car so I may keep up with the fast guys. No more cutting the corner for me. Hope Ya like the new Cuban flag whip on my car.my next trip is new years weekend. Til then.
  13. Riding thru the dunes I saw this camp group. Wondering why out by them self. Then it clicked. Its a cult...
  14. Yeah. . Was out at Dumont last weekend for the day and I heard a gunking / crackun in the rear. I thought I blew a tooth or a gear in the trany.. took to DKA automotive (dale ) he found a broken motor mount and a few clear break in the frame. Underneath the rail. All welded and ready for the weekend. Thanx to DKA next to RC trans. For the fine job.
  15. Its a buggy with tall gear... ?????? Theres no freeway in the dunes.... im just sayin. Sounds awesome but NO pics...and NO price...
  16. Whats the objective ?? . I was told the buggy that goes the highest and the slowest wins... I tried that on my rail and I buried my self within 5ft. Lmao...
  17. Thanx mike. Your right about the name. .. its new to me and I haven't used it yet. Can't wait for fri morning to come so I may be on my way to the dunes. .. odd house #10... is where I'll be. (Not in it ) lol.. but next to it...
  18. Yeah. I got the mew gorilla model. So I think thats what its called. Its green and very bright. I won't go out at nite with out it.
  19. Dude that's nice. I still have the 3 white model.
  20. Fastony .. thats me will be there by 8 am fri. Morning. Camping very near to #10. Also with mr sand crab. Purple sandrail with the RED BULL flag/whip....happy thanksgiving to you all at Dumont. Hope to ride with ya...
  21. Nice pete. Hope to see ya at least for the day. Ill be left of #10.
  22. Hey pete save me a spot away from any bee hive.
  23. Nice. ... can't wait since thanxgiven will be my last trip to Dumont due to snowboard season is upon me. At least til February.
  24. Thank u. Ill be out there by Friday early morning around 8am. I also camp near #10 . Wife and I are lookin forward. Thanx again helmet pigtails. ..im having a rv trailer delivered for me.
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