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President's Day weekend 2018 highlights

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How was everyone's President's Day weekend? Looks like at least Saturday was nice and then the W came in on Sunday. Here's a few pics that were shared with us via our Instagram. Please share some of your pics if you took any this weekend. 







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Oh and I guess BJ Baldwin showed up and climbed Comp in a Bentley. :lol:



Scroll the to the right on next post for video.





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First night was good until about 10pm when I was showing a buddy where camp was and decided to lift it and it went a little high so I broke a belt and messed up my harmonic balancer 56F224FD-3F29-4206-B741-1CEDD5C069DD.thumb.jpeg.c8c03f27da3de339ad4eb7751aadd123.jpegthen Saturday had a lot of fun watching the hill climbs CF2134A6-439B-477E-9024-663087AC56D2.thumb.jpeg.3d58d216b8d568314a6193cd71d9e637.jpegC74C16C9-B7AE-4310-A511-1590030248EE.thumb.jpeg.d10e6785fd67760ece3979cf07aed40e.jpeg65C71F6E-077A-409F-AC3C-513C05AC0F23.thumb.jpeg.34d12cae9b04262c9e8affd2b15745ef.jpegDD9D80DA-B9D2-443C-8510-5911D003BAF1.thumb.jpeg.8ad1dce2e6105c94678d6d820975ec61.jpeg166FBF85-911B-4820-8B1B-287CE007A2F4.thumb.jpeg.c411a9e5959581000ca7bd43dbe54fd7.jpeg0343D53D-1E2A-4135-B35C-A0CD1EE9FB9B.thumb.jpeg.88a40068774b14ea0738a618d3c0889e.jpeg25EC0153-572B-436D-BC5A-193B8EEC3099.thumb.jpeg.4cd3f1f9193a56726284313ce640574e.jpegthen we went on to get some duning in and buddy was getting used to his car and broke the radiator mount so we decided to take a break1C95DDAE-FB6E-497B-A029-D7B96210EE7E.thumb.jpeg.c52d33feabb238db3b68a39e8f444524.jpeg72D25515-E687-4ADC-9926-8552A1AD1EAC.thumb.jpeg.d57843c2a9ce86d3aa1476cdd25b2e01.jpeg6588ADDD-CC92-4329-8D39-1C2B8DADD7BC.thumb.jpeg.73190af2c97c7dad8e62eb7081fb56ec.jpegthen we got back to camp and kids learned to start the quad by themselves (bad battery) needs to jump everytime lol242C6216-0991-4C7B-B939-2ACCC568F6A6.thumb.jpeg.d3326105e2a1f2b03f7882dba315642d.jpegthen the big bad W came 4F643629-08CE-4192-8C70-3FEAA6A652B3.thumb.jpeg.fbabc073e4ce530bcf2b499157be770f.jpegECB904F2-056D-4488-BA06-A2C270EDDB58.thumb.jpeg.48a316eefcb1428bd804f428249e46a9.jpegwe took a quick ride at night and I forgot how hot a turbo can get 484ED693-3310-4A8C-80A6-B095C4D95552.thumb.jpeg.4fcd11a1617fdb0c5ae37915a277dd7f.jpegSunday we stayed in all day Monday we took one last ride and closed it off nicely 7255EA14-D006-4070-A719-174A98FF253B.thumb.jpeg.d303e5438726a3f128d5a14a910d6277.jpeg380BB977-0F18-48DC-8892-C8052430757F.thumb.jpeg.a6a1dfa13142ae29b649fa964c779061.jpeg7C6F3301-EADC-491E-8106-06203E1EC85F.thumb.jpeg.10d91f4585242763573033fef698560d.jpeg664B29DA-AD01-4529-AC87-030C9F6B6057.thumb.jpeg.49a1bb12b5c03c0e1c5d92286a62c032.jpeg5D637914-E76C-4CDA-8651-AEC809DC34AF.thumb.jpeg.613c553b25bf6635395f9c16361cedc1.jpeg

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Well for the first time back to Dumont in 3 years, we had a great time!!  The weather was great, except for Sunday and the wind.  That's what made us leave on Sunday as opposed to Monday.  But no worries, a good time was had!!  Here are some pics......


Our little camp....



Around the fire and somebody likes telling me I'm number one....



My son got some quality seat time......



Blown away by all the lighted whips.  Wasn't like this back in the day.



My daughter and I ready for the dune ride of the day.....


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