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Dune Season is Coming


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Is anyone else getting the itch? I've noticed that cooler weather in the mornings on the way to work and it has me thinking about the sand. It'll be dune season before we know it. Better start prepping now especially since it's not a million degrees outside anymore.


 its_coming-19-20 (Large).jpg

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That's why I went there last weekend to "check the tower" (wink wink)


Tomorrow, complete oil and belt changes for our machines.


Last weekend, about 10:00pm at the North Pole just me and one of my boys. So quiet and peaceful, slight breeze. Shut the Jeep lights off, so nice and dark. Could see so many stars without the background city light.  It was one of those moments. 


This is from last Saturday just before dark. The dunes have moved around a lot this summer.



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