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Halloween Weekend 2020


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Too early to start talking about Halloween weekend? Heck no. I'm really itching to get back out to Dumont this season. 


I've been hearing ridiculous rumors lately about Dumont being closed for Halloween and just felt like that needed to be cleared up. Dumont is not going to close. The trunk or treat is still even scheduled for Halloween night. 


🎃 Dates for Halloween weekend are Friday Oct 30 - Sunday, Nov 1. Halloween actually falls on Saturday night this year. 🤙🏻


So who's gonna be there? 

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4 hours ago, Urclever said:

This will be our first time for halloween. Kids are excited wife is ok with it as it is our anniversary as well. Do we bring our blow ups and lights and decorate? Trick or treating?

Yes, all of the above! Go nuts. Halloween is a blast. 

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18 hours ago, Urclever said:

Do people trick or treat from campsite to campsite? Just curious want my kids to have a blast and I bought bags and bags of candy!


Yep! Not as much since they do the trunk or treat at vendor row, but we still got a decent amount of them at our camp the last couple years. People that like to go camp to camp the old skool way. 🤘

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Less than a week away! I've been working like crazy prepping and getting ready. 


We should have some good weather, maybe even cooler than past years. Highs around 80 and overnight lows in the 40s! Every other year I remember it being well into the 90's during the day. 

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