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  1. Looking for take off stock seat/shoulder belts for Side by Side. I know Wildcat will work. Like a fool I threw mine away and now can use them for something different Thanks
  2. Wanted VW parts

    Found my parts please delete this post.
  3. Buggy Wheels and Tires

    Pictures should tell the tale. 2 spindle mount razor back with solid alum wheels $200 2 spindle mount smoothy spoked wheels with street tires $175 2 VW 5 bolt wide wheels with good tires for off road $225.....SOLD
  4. I'm looking for a good running trouble free used VW motor for my Manx Clone project! Cash Buyer.
  5. Tires?

    STU's are usally lighter!
  6. Looking for a set of VW wheels, alloy or light weight preferred. 15 inch. I do have some spindle mount wheels and STU ridge tires for part trade or sale. email me or contact me on here to talk about it. New to me, Manx clone needs street tires and wheels. Thanks, Pat o
  7. Forgive my ignorance!

    Just have a couple of small things to do to the new toy and I hope to make it. Just make sure there is a turkey sandwitch left for me. Hope to see you guys there. Ordered final parts today and should have in time! Have I thanked the new Dumont boss lately for all the screwed up rules and lack of movement on her part. Damn book managers.
  8. Forgive my ignorance!

    Been away awhile and was wondering if the BLM has made any accomodations for someone coming out for one day just to visit for the day if I take the camper and pay for the weekend? I'd like for the wife to drive out to Dumont but she doesn't like to stay as long as I do.
  9. Veterans Day fees waived

    Perfect opportunity to check out the new toy. I'm planning on doing it for the day!
  10. Transmission Problem

    I have a 2003 f250 7.3 and I took mine to Ricks Transmission off Sunset Road east of Boulder Hwy. He specializes in these and I am very satisfied wiwth his work. He has been doing this for years and is very reputable and reasonable. Mine had 150K on it and it needed a torque conver and he totalllyl rebuild it with a gaurantee. Mine was slipping and gettilng hot.
  11. Does the site work well for you?

    Good work Pete. I was afraid you would "pull my post" A litte history there. LMAO
  12. Does the site work well for you?

    The only thing the site is missing is an automatic delivery of a cold beer, preferably Bud Light from the "Brains" of this site, whenever someone make a "Post". An alternastive would be to have the members computers DVD player "spit" out a $5 dollar bill. Work on it Pete!