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  1. Will quads be phased out by side x sides?

    My daughter still rides a ltr450 and my son rides a YFZR, I love the quads after a wind blows through but they are kinda like a sea doos, only fun when its smooth out. All of the rails / side by sides making deep tracks make for a rough ride, even at 3- 4psi.
  2. Funco T Shirts

    Hats are cool, might want to make one without a flat bill for those of us too old to pull one off
  3. Funco T Shirts

    Got mine today, thanks!
  4. SuperATV EZ-Steer 400W Power Steering Kit

    Since its a chenowth I'm sure the geometry is good, I added power steering to an off brand sand car years ago and due to the bump steer we ended up having to put a rubber bushing between the power steering and rack to make the rack live. Watch out for that smile when you drive it for the first time as well (-=
  5. Summertime!

    Nice wheeling pics! Just got back from Pismo as well, however had to leave the sand toys at home as it was our 27th anniversary
  6. Looking for a Chenowth Monogram Front Bumper

  7. What did you do for Memorial Weekend?

    Dig the 4 runners, lost of bang for the buck
  8. June Dune Pic of the Month

    Memorial weekend
  9. What did you do for Memorial Weekend?

    @dunefreak next time you are up that way check out Skypark over by Lake Arrowhead
  10. What did you do for Memorial Weekend?

    1090r is good, lot of weight (500#) but if you let it go where it wants and rely on the suspension it does surprisingly well. I like it with traction control off and ABS in offroad mode (lets you lock up rear but leaves abs on front wheel). I'm looking forward to seeing the 790 Adventurer from KTM
  11. What did you do for Memorial Weekend?

    Dual sport ride on Sat and Dumont on Sun. Lots of traffic in the mountains (Big Bear) not so much in Dumont though there were a few camps there and quite a few day trippers. Sand was technical as it usually is in the hotter / low use months.
  12. Dune Season Doesn't Have to End Just Yet

    Highs in the 80's this weekend!
  13. Sad

    Very sad and a good reminder that what we do as a hobby can be dangerous. 13 YEAR OLD BOY KILLED IN ATV ACCIDENT AT CORAL PINK SAND DUNES CORAL PINK SAND DUNES STATE PARK – A 13-year-old boy was killed, after an OHV accident at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Kane County. At approximately 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 5, the Utah County boy was riding a four-wheeler with friends and family when he went over a dune and tumbled down the other side multiple times; sustaining fatal injuries. He was wearing a helmet at the time. Following the accident, family members transported him from the scene of the accident to the park’s visitor center where they met medical personnel, state park rangers, and a Kane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy. Kane County medical personnel performed CPR and Classic Air Medical helicopters were dispatched and landed at the scene. However, the boy was pronounced dead by the medical personnel by the time helicopters had landed. At this time, the accident remains under investigation by the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation. Our thoughts are with the friends and family of those involved in this tragedy. We would like to remind everyone to please practice safe riding procedures when out recreating this season.
  14. That Raptor looks super clean, must hurt to have to put those Nevada stickers on