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  1. 2017 Sand Sport Super Show

    You ain't kidding Pete.
  2. Halloween weekend '17

    It'll be a shorter than normal Halloween weekend for us but we'll be there. Probably pull in around 2am Thurs night/Friday morning and roll out Sunday. But we'll be right back for Veterans day and Thanksgiving weekends. Good times ahead.
  3. Who's ready and who's not?

    Just got back from an amazing 5 days in Duck Creek, I am NOT ready for dune season! The hauler is in getting some warranty work done, that's always fun. RZR is still caked in mud from labor day BUT.....vacation is approved and we'll be there for Halloween!!!!
  4. Sand Wars rollover at Idaho Dunes Assault

    Probably camera angle, but that hill looks like a damn vertical wall lol. Glad it stuck.
  5. What would everyone recommend paddle size for a 2017 YFZ 450r? Just got a brand new one a few days ago and can't determine what size to get

    1. DuNe~Rydher


      I ran skat haulers when I had a 450r but for the life of me I can't remember what size I ran. Sorry.

    2. dunefreak


      An 8 cup paddle would be perfect. Post this in the motorcycle section. You posted to dune~rydher's profile. 

  6. its definitely time for my little one to have her own toy. She rode a borrowed 90cc quad last year and did great. looking for a quad for her, doesn't necessarily have to be 50cc, depending on safety features and throttle controls of something bigger. I'd entertain a 50 with training wheels to. She actually wants a bike. If you have something or maybe you know some one that does, you can call or text me at 702-755-6538, or post up here.
  7. Labor Day weekend (Sept 2nd & 3rd)

    Mmm that's chili and cornbread weather!
  8. Summer has begun!

    We're trying to go to Utah for 5 days for some good camping, riding, and most importantly...weather!!! But as we all know by now that fire is still raging. Prayers to all the families effected by the fire. We're still planning on heading up to Marysvale/Richfield area but we'll be watching it closely. I'll let you know!
  9. 2012 Razor rebuil?

    If you mean Polaris RZR when you say razor, then yes. They build big bore engines and fast race cars. If you're talking about something else then I don't know.
  10. Cool temps in May

    Yesterday would have been epic at the D. I'm trying not to notice the riding weather though! Everything has been in storage since we sold the house in Feb, living with the basics at the brother in law's for 3 more weeks til the house in Hendo is done! next trip will be Utah over the 4th
  11. 2012 Razor rebuil?

    Sparks Racing, Bakersfield.
  12. Old Spanish trail highway

    A lot of us take that route. I've actually never taken the 15 to Baker way. It is faster going the "back" way through tecopa. I don't know by how much, (probably 20-30 min) see above. It's fine for your fifth wheel. There is a small section of half blind switchbacks while climbing, just go very slow and use a bit of the other lane with some caution. My 5'ver is 43ft and it makes it fine. To me it's a more enjoyable drive.
  13. Presidents Weekend 10 years ago

    Damn side by sides!!
  14. South Pole: An Old Dumont Tradition Gets Revived

    Nice write up Pete. It's cool to see how these awesome things came about.
  15. Presidents Weekend 2017 pics and reports

    Lovin the South Pole, great job.