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  1. Halloween Vid jetjock/Alper

    Awesome. Thanks for posting that!
  2. I actually picked up a Suzuki LT80 from a buddy. Thank you though.
  3. Treasure Trunk or Treat - Oct 28th 2017

    Maybe they were friends with the people that staked and taped off the 2nd finger dune, all the way to the top. I stopped and asked the guy while he was taping it off if he could move it down a bit, it's going to cause an accident and potentially another little kid to get ran over. He told me, "you have all those other f*ucking dunes to ride." Really wasn't the point but ok.. Also another issue that will never get resolved. I think a parade down vender row is a cool idea!
  4. Treasure Trunk or Treat - Oct 28th 2017

    We loved it. It was semi controlled chaos. It was cool to see all the great costumes and decorated rides. We really enjoyed taking the kid trick or treating like that rather than driving camp to camp.
  5. Comp Is Lit

    We were just hanging out in the back on the finger, relaxing and watching the crazyness.
  6. Treasure Trunk or Treat - Oct 28th 2017

    I'm pumped about this. A safe way for all the kids (and adults) to have a good time. Thank you very much for putting this on.
  7. Halloween weekend '17

    Something is wrong with you, lol.
  8. Halloween weekend '17

    It's looking like the AC in the trailer will be kicking this weekend!
  9. Rzr 1000 turbo or non turbo

    Honestly, you need to ask, and be honest with yourself about what you want out of whatever you buy. You can "get anywhere" in a lot of things. How fast do you want to get there, how comfy do you want the ride to be.. (suspension, travel) I drive a 15' xp1000 4 seater with a few things done to it. I am very happy with it, but I have to have the peddle on the floor all the time to dune the way I like to dune. I know myself and I wouldn't be happy with a 900. Would I enjoy a turbo more? Probably..I like to go fast. Know what you want out of your new toy, and buy the most you can afford. But no, you don't NEED a turbo at all.
  10. Place to purchase paddle tires new

  11. 2017 Sand Sport Super Show

    You ain't kidding Pete.
  12. Halloween weekend '17

    It'll be a shorter than normal Halloween weekend for us but we'll be there. Probably pull in around 2am Thurs night/Friday morning and roll out Sunday. But we'll be right back for Veterans day and Thanksgiving weekends. Good times ahead.
  13. Who's ready and who's not?

    Just got back from an amazing 5 days in Duck Creek, I am NOT ready for dune season! The hauler is in getting some warranty work done, that's always fun. RZR is still caked in mud from labor day BUT.....vacation is approved and we'll be there for Halloween!!!!
  14. Sand Wars rollover at Idaho Dunes Assault

    Probably camera angle, but that hill looks like a damn vertical wall lol. Glad it stuck.
  15. What would everyone recommend paddle size for a 2017 YFZ 450r? Just got a brand new one a few days ago and can't determine what size to get

    1. DuNe~Rydher


      I ran skat haulers when I had a 450r but for the life of me I can't remember what size I ran. Sorry.

    2. dunefreak


      An 8 cup paddle would be perfect. Post this in the motorcycle section. You posted to dune~rydher's profile.