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  1. Summer has begun!

    We're trying to go to Utah for 5 days for some good camping, riding, and most importantly...weather!!! But as we all know by now that fire is still raging. Prayers to all the families effected by the fire. We're still planning on heading up to Marysvale/Richfield area but we'll be watching it closely. I'll let you know!
  2. 2012 Razor rebuil?

    If you mean Polaris RZR when you say razor, then yes. They build big bore engines and fast race cars. If you're talking about something else then I don't know.
  3. Cool temps in May

    Yesterday would have been epic at the D. I'm trying not to notice the riding weather though! Everything has been in storage since we sold the house in Feb, living with the basics at the brother in law's for 3 more weeks til the house in Hendo is done! next trip will be Utah over the 4th
  4. 2012 Razor rebuil?

    Sparks Racing, Bakersfield.
  5. Old Spanish trail highway

    A lot of us take that route. I've actually never taken the 15 to Baker way. It is faster going the "back" way through tecopa. I don't know by how much, (probably 20-30 min) see above. It's fine for your fifth wheel. There is a small section of half blind switchbacks while climbing, just go very slow and use a bit of the other lane with some caution. My 5'ver is 43ft and it makes it fine. To me it's a more enjoyable drive.
  6. Presidents Weekend 10 years ago

    Damn side by sides!!
  7. South Pole: An Old Dumont Tradition Gets Revived

    Nice write up Pete. It's cool to see how these awesome things came about.
  8. Presidents Weekend 2017 pics and reports

    Lovin the South Pole, great job.
  9. Can-Am's 4 seat Maverick X3 MAX

    165" is damn long. They designed it well though imho. 29k MSRP for the top dog though, ouch.
  10. Who's going President's Weekend 2017?

    Ugh, this will be the first year SINCE 2010 we haven't gone. Move out weekend unfortunately. As usual, if I can't be in the sand, I'll be living vicariously through you guys. Post up those pics and live dune reports!
  11. Clean up 2017

    I was told by a woman passing out flyers for the clean up over MLK that they will be providing lunch. not sure how true that is though..
  12. Quiet month

    Way up Lake Mead almost to lake Las Vegas, KB Home is building a new spot on the right with large lots. Got in early and snagged one of the biggest. We looked for and wanted something in the horizon/horizon area but couldn't find anything that had everything we wanted. What's nice is they're going to plumb sewage along with separate 50 amp service to the RV pad. Never thought I'd be so amped to be able to dump a bunch of people's sh*t next to my house lol. I had them rotate the house on the lot to give me a 16' gate. Yeah Pete we'll have to get together for a "it's about time I moved to hendo" beer.
  13. Quiet month

    That sh*t right there ^ is funny. I'm moving to Henderson with RV parking!!!!! Selling and buying a house at the exact same time is a wee bit time consuming and stressful lol. Can't wait to have the hauler at the house. No more storage for this guy.
  14. New bike!

    Sick!! That thing looks like so much fun. Hmm..I want one. Lol
  15. Starting To Dry Out

    Haha, you're exactly right. Unloading in the rain wasn't all that fun, but the weather the rest of the weekend was great. We tore those dunes up and had a blast doing it. Enjoying the last night.