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  1. K-RAILS Started being hauled out there last night. Again tonight, probably all week maybe longer. Construction will start right about where the last gas station on the left. Transition before that.
  2. Never heard any of this stuff happening in the last 15 years or so ~ Unless a reason has come up for them to do so. I have seen some at the entrance road but usually flat bed trailers and there really was a reason. 250 tickets that one weekend I watched. Tag checks VIN #'s. & of course their puppy dog. There has to be more to this ~~~
  3. YOU 2 need to play well with others since I won't be there to Chaperon ! VEGASTYLE !
  4. I guess no Dog either. That's ok, I get 4 days at Christmas & 4 days @ New Years.
  5. dunefreak & duniemonkie jordanhiggins2002 raspadoo BearsZX72 Firecracker DuNe~Rydher dentboy maddogaboo painterjoe bp-guy Lou B Krusty Mike @ GTP OFF ROAD Creepynewguy Jakster884-maybe fstteddy+3 Quadrockets JoeDuner Brandon Buff Sandjoker29- day trip GO BIG OR GO HOME​ Adam @ GTP Off Road Sandseeker and dgitw Charlie & Dog ~ Minus wife
  6. I saw Anna's butt in the background Great pictures of your visitor too
  7. Starting with a week at Little Sahara, Coral Pink maybe?
  8. Nothing could ever beat the Christmas Flooding Trip !
  9. Think we may have a different plan this year ~ High in the 50"s and lo's in the 20's. Snow might be fun too
  10. Gee we only had 2 visitors, Scott and Shelly ~Scott, Charlie felt bad for all the camp fire smoke that seemed to follow you! Good seeing you both !!!!!
  11. I'll be over on the edge as normal. May have gold shorts to sell model included?
  12. Now we'll never find you ~ You always know where we are though?
  13. Headed up there tomorrow for a week long relaxation !
  14. Sept.6-14 Little Sahara, Utah Already did Coral Pink and Sand Hollow
  15. in the 90's during the day and low 60's at night is do able
  16. That was the first clean up we happened to run into. Won a flag too.
  17. Those last 2 pictures are awesome with his face looming above everybody. What a great PHOTO!! Watching over everyone and next to the flag !! Someone needs to steal it and put it on his memorial page
  18. Those are not his underwear, he wears his colorful boxers over his underwear. May be gold, silver or even Sesame Streets Animal.
  19. Do you mean we might get to meet your wife? Should she be warned about Charlie?
  20. Our thoughts are most definitely with Ashley, the kids, family and friends. We will remember Bert as he was. Just an all around good guy. I think the first run of the upcoming Dune season ought to be dedicated to Bert? A little early but would rather remember him in one of his happy places?
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