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  1. A stock Sammie that can barely fit in my hauler (9'5 storage space). A test run this Thanksgiving to see how well it may dune and trail ride! Put a lot of time and effort into it to get it running good (incl.real tires) , so we'll see!
  2. Do any of you use one while out there? I know many may use personal radios in their sand cars, but was wondering about CB? I figured it would be a good way to keep camps in contact? And ch. 9 for emergencies?
  3. Thanks for the tips, I will see how the Sammie does from trails to dunes!
  4. Hey thanks for the tips guys! Yeah wldotz, I would love to try those tires out one day.....I don't have enough lift on the sammie right now since it's stock :angry: Oh well, this upcoming trip is gonna be like a trial run with the sammie, basically to see if I like it enough to mod it? Terry, I hear on boycotting the Date Farm.....just thought it might be a nice ride out? But I did also read that the trail to go there is closed now too anyhow? ISBB, that rocks! Liket the fwd Sammie action! Why did you get rid of it?
  5. I have the goodyear wrangler a/t's. So how do you turn back down the hill, are these Sammies prone to roll over? How well is the trail size for the Sammie to make it to the Date Farm?
  6. Okay guys, I normally bring my quads out but am gonna try a Sammie! I just found one for a decent price and thought it would be a good cruiser through sperry wash and most of the smaller dune areas. I know I should air down for the dunes, like comp hill, but was wondering how good they turn around on the hill? I know most trucks don't hit the hill because they don't wanna roll on the turn around to come back down? Do any of you know the best way to whip these around, or if they're even possible to? How much are you guys airing down? My Sammie is stock.
  7. Hi Ricepow, I got your message about your interest on the 23fsak. Yeah I have one, but don't know the measurements as it's in storage out of town. I do know that the stove section does come out farther than the fridge does. I recently was wondering about how to fit 3 quads in there and I have just recently done it, with plenty of room for all the other things I stuff in there. Hope I was of some help, unfortunately I'm in so. CA so I wouldn't be local enough to help you out.
  8. Do any of you guys know if there's a water truck that's availible out there to fill up trailers during T-day?
  9. hey Richard, Thanks for the help. I actually got all 3 in. I stood two up in the ft. and I parallel parked the 3rd. worked out great! Thanks Guys! Sean C.
  10. Hey Richard, is it 2 quads facing eachother in the front of the trailer and one parked horizontal in the back???
  11. Do any of you know how to properly stand up quads in a trailer like mine? I've never done it before. I have a 400ex, yfz450 and a banshee, all larger quads. I have heard of people standing up quads in their toyhauler but have never done it myself, I've only parked 2 inside mine, one parallel and one horizontal. Trailer storage space is 9' 3" and I do have a double bunk that has about 6' high overhead clearance. The trailer model is a 2007 Attitude 23fsakg. :mischevious:
  12. Any updates guys on a rental co. out in Dumont for T-day??
  13. Okay cool, thanx guys! Please let me know if you come across any info on someone being up there; cuz I did a search and I heard there used to be one on big weekends. Oh, and I haven't been out there in years, Where's the best place to camp nowadays? I'm pulling in with just my toyhauler and truck, no crew this year. I wanna be close to the sand but not where I will get sandblasted bad. I'm open to any of you that wanna welcome me near your sweet camp :trickortreat:
  14. Oh Thanks. Well I guess there are no real rentals setup out there.
  15. Hello all, I will be going out to Dumont for thanksgiving and will be bringing some buddies without quads. Will or Are there any ATV rentals out there, kinda like Pismo Beach??
  16. Hey I'm from the area. Downtown Huntington beach is always good (Main st.), or Long Beach off of Pine Ave. and Ocean; there are a lot of things to do there. Otherwise if you would like a calmer area, but fun, would be downtown Seal Beach off PCH of course. And there are nice little dive bars and pool halls closer to ya if that's what you're looking for??
  17. As per the other topics in the forum, the torsion (weight distr.) bars should be removed before heading into the sand; especially on a dually, when you want most of the tongue weight on the rear tires. U may also risk damaging your trailer tongue/frame area by not doing so. :freakin_nuts:
  18. yeah i only have an Expedition and my fully loaded 10k 23ft. I pull has no problems in Pismo either. Just air down all tires, including trailer, and I'm set to go. Well I also have a blower on the truck to boost me through most of it!
  19. Yeah, true. Well I did leave it there, unhappily, so it will be getting fixed at my expense. They offered a cheaper price to do it.
  20. yeah I checked for warpage and it's good. The finish (white portion of the fiberglass) just keeps cracking? And it's isolated to just this one area, no where else on the trailer?
  21. Have any of you experienced the front smooth fiberglass cap showing signs of cracking along the side?? Mine seems to be showing spiral and spider cracks along just one side vertically, right near the side weather strip?? It actually looks like it starts under the weather strip where it's screwed down. Do any of you know of this problem?? I believe that it may be from stress due to the hold-down screws not put in properly, again just on one side?? I took my 2007 23 ft. attitude into Eclipse mfg. and they claim it's nothing to be worried about, just a aesthetic (outside look) issue; May have been from the material or workmanship, but I'm a couple of months out of warranty so I would have to pay. I believe it is something to be worried about, especially passing moisture, etc...as the cracks seem to keep devoloping, and getting larger! I was also told that the repair would just consist of bondo then fiberglass re-coat. I don't know if I can trust bondo to keep stress cracks from spreading!
  22. Or you can try www.whitepages.com it's free for reverse look-up. Good luck on catching them bastards
  23. Yeah, I think "leaking" gray water is okay (given the fact that it's just soap water), and dumping the whole load at once just looks bad. All in all, we all know that everyone does NOT hold all their gray water over a 3 to 7 day + weekend!! I have a business here in CA and the hazmat inspector for "waste run-off" allows me to dump soap water and other non-toxics into my landscape planters, etc.. AS long as the plants don't die and it's a non-toxic, it's deemed okay to pour into soil. I own an auto service business here in L.A. so they come by often to check for pollutants. This doesn't mean blm rules don't apply, but just a fyi for ya'll.
  24. I'm sure that the CHP saw them drive by, going into Pahrump, then an hour later saw them driving back; right past the officer again. Probably figured that they went for the fireworks. I'll be sure to spend time at one of the casinos and the wal-mart out there before driving back
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