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  1. Hey Terry, I think that's a pretty good track record...I mean dune shredder record. When in doubt, throttle it!
  2. Hey sweet build! I like the Subie powerplant too! That's gonna rock!
  3. Yes a power programmer or dealer scan tool will work. On some Borg Warner transfer cases you can change the speedo gear ring, or speed sensor gear.
  4. Doh Dunno why, but I got a feeling I need to buy a lottery ticket now....
  5. Last trip out to Dumont I got a huge rusty nail in my tire. I know that blm trys to enforce the no wood with nails policy, but people (idiots) still do it!! Do any of you know if it's possible to get a huge magnet machine to drive around the flats and pickup all the old screws and nails??? Would be a great idea, just a thought?
  6. Not sure what others do and works, but what worked for me was a good flush. Not just a fill and drain, but filling up both tanks to the top then letting it sit full for a couple of days. Then drain it all and flush again. Be sure to put the blue stuff in the blk tank while letting it sit for a couple of days. Worked for me!
  7. You'll be missed Al! I'm forever your bbq lover!
  8. Hey 19th, oh yes totally! I have a 23ft attitude w/ fiberglass aluminum sidings. The worst oxidation on mine was the ft. cap, it took a beating from the sun! But with elbow grease and time the oxidation came out. I imagine the spray on stuff in an aerosal can may be too diluted for a good polish on heavy oxidation. After doing the ft. cap, I was way to tired and out of lighting to do anymore...but I did test polish a couple of spots on the aluminum side and it came out great. Polish was a ton easier on there than the ft. too!
  9. I will be heading up! Pulling in Friday night and riding til' Monday morning. Will there be those Jeep drags out there this year? Or was that a different time of the year, haven't gone on prez day weekend?
  10. I just used the Gel Gloss stuff from Lowes, not the spray but the liquid bottle type. Worked Great! It even took the oxidation off of the decals! Only downfall was that in heavy oxidation areas it really requires elbow grease, and maybe even a second application.
  11. "My fishing advisor" is a good one if you're into fishing and wanna know what's biting (kinda worked for me, but seemed totally logical). "Torque" is another good one to use with your car or truck if you're into figuring out your mpg, horsepower, torque, 0-60 times, diagnostic info, etc... You must buy a blue tooth adapter to connect to your obd2 connector in your 96' up vehicle though. Can read and clear codes too...basis hp and torque off of g-force, gps, and engine data (may not be totally accurate, but is fun to play with).
  12. Yes good idea with the paddle tire. In a place like Pismo bch, it's not really needed, but in Dumont a paddle is really needed because of the climbs and heights of the dunes.
  13. Woah that's a bad one. Years back there was a situation like this but it burnt up all their toys (atv's) on there open trailer hitched to the back. It was on the 15 fwy coming up from the Mojave. It's all bad news when things go up in smoke!
  14. Check the accelerator pump in the carb, make sure it shoots fuel when you throttle it.
  15. Fix your toys yourself, save and it will all come in time!
  16. It's more than likely going to be one of the ABS sensors. Wouldn't be able to figure which one until the problem happens.
  17. Does the abs light turn on too, at the same time? If so, you might have an issue with one of the abs axle/wheel speed sensors. Intermittent stabili-trak issues are indeed hard to diagnose because your truck actually resets and clears the fault(s) pretty quickly when it doesn't see the issue anymore.
  18. Nice gear! I'll stop by the For Life booth and ck you guys out!
  19. Hey same here, I'll be rolling solo after my buddies flaked too! See ya out there, I'll be in a white lifted expedition pulling a 23ft attitude t.hauler.
  20. Best wishes Andydew, I'll keep him in my prayers; pray for the best! It sounds like the docs you have now are pretty confident, and hard working!
  21. Cool, maybe I will catch ya on the air! Will u be in Dumont this t. day?
  22. Really?? Yeah we probably crossed paths somewhere on Limonite!! hahaha U plan on being in Dumont this Thanksgiving weekend?
  23. Andydew, Yeah I use my radio a lot just to keep up with similar things like you mentioned. I also skip shoot often. I think you're talking about ACEMAN out in the E. LA area, not me. I'm in Eastvale often so you may hear me out there in Riverside; "747-The Samurai." I'll probably be on a dune ridge shooting skip in my blk jeep this Thanksgiving weekend, in Dumont.
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