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  1. We'll be there checking it out. How long does it go on for on Friday?
  2. Got an open slot for our trailer??? Can't wait to be back out there!
  3. Planning on pulling in Thursday night, 23 ft. attitude trailer w/ a white Expedition towing. Usual crew not making it this year, looking forward to meeting some new duners!
  4. Totally an under inflated tire! Another good thing to do after repacking wheel bearings would be to rotate the tires as they don't all wear out the same. I am on my 3rd year on Duro's with the same tire size load D that you got on a wide body 23 ft. attitude. I fully load with a Samurai and 1 atv. My last set lasted the full 4 yrs without a blow out or defect.
  5. So which days you guys going to try this journey???
  6. Only As off limits as powerline rd would be??
  7. From what people have posted on the gd forum, it's a smooth 2 hr. ride especially when you hit powerline rd. The ride should be about 55 miles total. No mention of fencing or barriers (maybe old info)? I'll be out there New Years on Monday or Tuesday with a Samurai jeep looking to attempt it.
  8. Will be out there New Years, I'm up for joining a ride out there to Primm!
  9. Definitely wont be hard to find.......Holla if you need a group on a holiday weekend!!
  10. Definitely condolences go out to the family! I saw the damaged rail being driven back to their camp. I hope he's being charged with manslaughter or worse if he was drunk! What a stupid act for a rail driver!!! Coming down comp hill and launching a wheelie off the bottom lip??! Did he think that it was the middle of summer out there???! IDIOT! Sure there's no right of way out there, but there are people everywhere! I'm sure we can all agree that somethings are just common sense not to do. I jump dunes all the time and go over crests straight over, but common sense is that there are other people out there so I have a spotter. Sure the blame game doesn't really help, understandably that's what our legal system is for; it comes down to who's responsible Bottom Line!!
  11. Pretty standard, if you modify the internals to run it harder you'll lose reliablity.....If you do the small mods that don't really matter so much then the bike will stay reliable for a long while! Run good oil and keep the right pre mix ratio and you should be fine! Run it hard every so often though, I've lost rod bearings due to lending it out to riders that hardly hit power band (low lubrication to the lower rod).
  12. I run the versa hauler on my 23 ft.tow behind. Great for a light bike. I have the full size atv/go kart model. If you need good steel fab work to make it happen, my guy is in hemet ca, one of the best!
  13. Hope that weather lasts through the weekend!!!!! I'm ready to head out there!!!
  14. I also just got word that my camp wont be joining this Thanksgiving either! What's up with peeps this year!??? Thinking of still going anyhow Anyone got a spot they can spare for another hauler?
  15. I'll be by number6, probably solo if you need a spot Andy.. ..
  16. Will be heading out Thurs through Sunday.
  17. Hey thanks for the help guys! I tackled this job this past weekend and came out great! The flat rubber stuff is far better than the designer bubble fold pvc type. Now I just gotta see when I can take this rigg to dumont!
  18. Ok cool Snake! That's what the RV supply store told me after they sold me the thin/soft PVC stuff! But then the rubber one doesn't seem as flexible, pretty thick stuff. I shall try again tho!
  19. You'll be fine towing, the key to 1/2 ton towing is to have the trailer hitch height correct, loaded forward correctly, and the brakes in good working order (cleaned and adjusted often). And like others have said, load with fuel and water when you're close. Half tons aren't as forgiving compared to the 3/4 and 1 tonners! I tow everywhere with my 1/2 ton 1997 Expedition 5.4l on 37" tires, and 9 inches of lift. My hauler is an 07' 23 ft. Attitude Ft. Sleeper with fiberglass sides. I usually load 3 quads inside or my Suzuki Samurai by itself.
  20. Okay so I have a 07' 23ft. Attitude Hauler and am having trouble with replacing the door molding. It's the exterior molding that covers the screws to the door frame; the replacement strip comes flat and it folds halfway to become a decorative trim. It's all plain and simple to install until the two 90 degree corners above the door. The molding keeps popping out. The trim has been fine since new but I decided to change it because it was weathered and coming out on its own. Anybody ever replace this frustrating piece???
  21. Great idea. Didn't want to poke holes in the rear of the speaker housing...into the wall. I ended up using the crappy 1.75" depth speakers, still sounds great since they're new. Get's more than loud enough! Thx!
  22. Have any of you with an attitude fiberglass body toyhauler ever replace your outside speakers. My 2007 has finally blown out the outside ones. They were the ones that came with the hauler, standard ones. I'm looking to upgrade but the depth I get is only 1.75" no good speakers are that shallow. My interior wall will not let anything bigger into the outside speaker slots. Funny thing also is that the original speakers measure 6" diameter. Pretty odd size??
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