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  1. lol please Jimbo enlighten me.. < but don't hijack my thread !
  2. To busy, needs a good home. 2006 eyeballfab phantom custom built for me. I am the original owner. extremely fast aspirated car. a lot of people know this car can tell you this is one fast car. been in sand dreams video. sand addiction magazine. very reliable. only best parts used to build. corners like a slot car I've ran with some of the fasters duners in Dumont, this car corners and handles fantastic. I turn and keep up with 2 seat mid engine cars. ride is fantastic . art work by pinkhouse customs. all Chromalloy car. weighs 2440 lbs. motor is 415 cu inch ls3. motor put out more hp than they expected it to at CBM. low hours. I have gone 1 time a season since 2008 2009 season. all the hiems are tight . bushings are excellent. Car is loaded seat heaters nav a lot of lighting. Full panels power steering sway bar, mendeola s4s sequential built by right gearbox (never blown up) ect. asking 39,000. will neg.. serious inquires only please.. Call me Bobby Cox @ 760 524 1599 or teamcox@hotmail.com list of parts cbm 415 hi rpm set up ( pump gas) 17 gal fuel tank seats 5 prp seats mendeaola s4s with tranny cooler by wright gearbox king shocks custom anodized green by passes all 4 corners also anodized green kartek 300m axels kartek 934 race prep cvs kennedy dual disk 8" console and dash light bar with Baja designs actuator 4 10" Baja designs h.i.d.s 2 acro H.I.Ds at a pillar 2 lazer stars on nose brake and tail lights 1" sway bar dual optima 6 volt rugged radios, intercom, head sets x5 ( not installed) power steering wildwood disc brakes ( all 4 corners) custom air brushing on full panels that's enough lol if I left something out just ask 39k obo
  3. as usual for me i have a fancey phone with a camera and i still dont have any pics. had a blast sand sport ride was fun. our kids had an accident. no one seriously hurt but 1 quads frame is so badley bent it boggles my mind. glad our wee ones wernt hurt. had a couple of small problems with the car. jimbo helped me get that handled. capt kllm cooked his best turkey to date, we had a good spread for tday. the weather was so near perfect it was awsom had ro run a lil ac during the day and no heater at night. there was really not alot of people there as compared to busy holidays when times were good. 2 oclock meet and greet / sand sport ride was cool. sorry i seemed very quiet out there you guys. its been along time for me. and i hope nobody thought i was ignoring them, i was glad to see every one i missed seeing pete, randy , terry, the dune rides arnt the same without them. dune rides are kind of like vanilla ice cream now. but the camping aspect was a+ i enjoyed relaxed and drove alot less.bert out there in the tracker brought back memories lol. my son is back out on a bike again and theres bert in a tracker dejavu..... good times good friends good neighbors good food a+ weekend
  4. llol it was there all tday nobody came near it. its a breaking bad moment!! lol
  5. man , that seems to be the battle cry these days. " its the unions fault" the unions are the very thing that keeps " working class families" earning a decent wage. even if your non union. If they were able to eliminate unions all together, wage rates would plummit.as well as benefits. Very few unions have much strength these days. and theres huge differences between unions. and although unions have there problems. they do help us and remember there is a guy on the other end of the bargaining table representing the company.
  6. selling for a friend he took his dual sport to the dunes 3 times. he would rather stay in the desert. 2000.00 obo wants to sell as complete set. 2 douglas beadlock wheels 2 sand master 35.5 #1 cut. i could not find a any blemishes cuts or scrapes james / toys for trucks (760) 956-3525
  7. i choose not to dignify a single word of this with comment. dune on !!!
  8. lol dont be scared buy your pass at valero and go through the express line
  9. DAMMIT ! TIMMY !! you were right on the money except i dont smoke in the house.lol if you wernt always observing everything ......................... and arresting me for trying to go over the fence !!! you wouldnt know that ( im looking for the camera now :lmao: anywase you need to call me on the 1599 line cause i ran my phone over with the tractor and your number didnt recover! are you coming out to play tday ?? were doing dumont call me suka !!
  10. i dont know if it is a common weapon "to dumont" it is a very popular weapon however, just saying.
  11. lol ok im done, however i did mention several times that might be a ranger/ not sheriffs dog. by the reasoning of you gotta stop for a pass anywase maybe they could put the drug dogs at stop sighns and red lights. now we know why there was 10 of them down there, they were trying to start the dog! " where did that manual go ??" its still a waste of recources and admittance fees no one has a black eye. even though the subject high jacked to a different debate. it was positive no one got angry. of course i knew very little about it why do you think i read 6 pages of bla bla bla to get a clue !! lol anywase maybe we will see you at tday my car isnt hard to find................
  12. here is a scenario, john and joann are from nevada. Every year they go to Dumont for a holiday. john is an average middle class guy who works his tail off all week. Joann works part time and takes care of their kids. they are doing the last minute hurry up and pack to leave routine. cause as with most folks work doesnt allow time for liesury well thought out packing. as most folks do john owns a firearm. its already packed from a previous trip so its an after thought. their is to many other things to worry about. Its their if god forbid it was ever needed. so on to the task at hand, they get packed up and head on out the next morning. they roll into dumont they stop to purchase a pass at the entrance. As he is pulling up he sees sheriffs officrs and a drug dog. he thinks odd but ok they will be watching for azzhats this weekend. a little less to worry about. as he stops they walk the dog by the trailer. dog gives an indication he has found somthing. john is approached told of the situation. john thinks i have nothing to hide go ahead ( thinking if it gets me through the gate quicker do your bussines.) so the sheriffs conduct the search, they find johns firearm it is a common weapon ( lets say an m4 carbine) the sheriffs retrieve it and inform john that in california you cant carry a weapon concealed. or have a loaded clip in it, to make matters worse it has a 20 round clip in it, further it had no bullet button. meanwhile joann listening to this mess develop begins to get a headache. she reaches in her purse and pulls out a prescriptiom bottle and takes an 800mg ibuprofin (asprin) of course upon seeing a prescription bottle. the officer standing with them observes and see's the name on the prescription as john duner not joann. joannn is now in trouble as taking some elses medication is against the law. now john and joann are going jail. 2 trailers away billy flatbiller is watching this go on. of course since they are busy with john and joann they have to let the first few vehicles go by. including billy flatbiller who of course has a jar of extasy for the weekend rave party. ( i added this last paragraph for dramatic effect ) anywase that scenario is very simple and minus the checkpoint probably happens quite a bit. but never goes noticed. and in one unthinking moment could ruin your life. this not what the law was ever intended for. which is why we have our rights. that doesnt make the leos EVIL. they are trained in a specific way to deal with liars and pick out craftey people. that is there job.
  13. ok "..."Such roadblocks must have a specific primary purpose, such as keeping roadways safe from impaired drivers, or enforcing border security." that specifcly apply to drunk driving check points and boarder patrol crossings. i assumed that would be a forgon conclusion. might i add you dont need a dog for a drunk driving check point. boarder patrol crossings are an entirely different animal. lol dogs cant conduct field sobriety tests so there little ambush pre meditated or no was a violation of the 4th amendment, throw up a viel saying "it was a drunk driving check point" a judge will see right through that, that is just perverting the law. it was a straight up fishing trip as you said "Police may not conduct roadblocks "whose primary purpose is to detect evidence of ordinary criminal wrongdoing" your second point if your going down dumont rd. the obvious intention is to camp in your domicile. it COULD be argued that since you have entered blm land with no way to go but to camp. and your already off the public motorway. you could argue your interntion is to park as a domicile . california supreme court overturned that finding citing a vehicle like that is used for living in with a secondary use of travel " in other words somthing you wouldnt drive around town for erands, so you would expect your right of privacy to be that of a home . than in your car. you eluded that i excluded somthing it clearly saise california supreme court overturned the original decision your 3rd point i would conceed , however if you look back at that post of my findings. you will see i wrote that there is a rub to this that i could not find any info on and i left it with a question mark. "(however there maybe a backwards rub there, that being, they opened it to the public . ) so does that mean they can cruise the parking lot ??? i dont know" i too found it very strange that the blm would claim "no knowledge" of the action. and to tell terry such a thing. but there is some variables however, no one has determined " whos drug dog it was " or why it was there. at face value it appears to be an attempt to get money out of middle class folks . there is no plausable reason to do such a thing in the middle of no where that is only frequented my middle class people. the likelyhood of dumont being any kind of hub for elicit drug activity seems very weak. and either way you slice it we the taxpayers pay for that. and it is certainly a waste. and a blatant violation of peoples 4th amendment rights. claiming dui checkpoint would not get past a jury. i would be shocked if it made it through discovery. i read 6 different pages to come up with the info i found ( at your prodding i might add) to copy paste all of it ?? cmon your smarter than that.................................................. there was no intent to leave out any info to further my opinion
  14. lol what do you think i just did ! i dont think you realise the people that read ddr. im pretty sure it is being discussed and looked into. this forum is "dumont issues" this of course is an issue. and this might help an honest citizen being aware of there rights. "City of Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 32 (2000), the Supreme Court ruled that discretionary checkpoints or general crime-fighting checkpoints are not allowed." thats why your fat, and your car wont start .lol, and didnt come dune with me .
  15. it is by no means an up hill battle, i am a very affable person. i must say attacking my iq was hitting below the belt. but as most debates i have been known to do it a time or 2. but ............... this debate is by no means over. you forced me to spend 2 hours researching . and i am most definately going to post it up. i worked to hard to find it . and you made me think about it all day !!! i love a good debate !! so here it goes... 1st off in the 4th amendment there is an exclusion to checkpoints. and that is "City of Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 32 (2000), the Supreme Court ruled that discretionary checkpoints or general crime-fighting checkpoints are not allowed." 2nd california vs carney: " The California Court of Appeal affirmed, finding that the automobile exception applied to a motor home. The California Supreme Court reversed, holding that there is a greater expectation of privacy in a motor home when also used for living quarters, so the automobile exception did not apply. in other words no warrent no looky/ although it is a moot point because san bernardino county sheriffs violated every one of those peoples 4th amendment rights. 3rd we move to jurisdiction of federal lands: the public domain is under a proprietory jurisdiction. meaning the us government is basically a private land owner. the blm is there manager ( self run so to speak ) so it is subject to laws of private property. and a phone call made by ynot confirms that county sheriffs were not requested by blm. so what were they doing there ??? (however there maybe a backwards rub there, that being, they opened it to the public . ) so does that mean they can cruise the parking lot ??? i dont know. again yet another moot point because those peoples 4th amendment rights were violated. currently there is legislation in the supreme court to curtail drug dogs. because as i understand police have used them to enter houses under warrentless searches. but that fight still rages on. in conclusion we have sbcs on private property. without permission. setting up a general crime fighting stop, against the 4th amendment. and writing tickets illeagly and performing warrentless searches. might i add in the middle of no where. and as a general rule frequented by lower to upper middle class families. near no boarders state or federal. I can only conclude they were there to scrounge money for a bankrupt mismanaged county. who had no bussines squandering our tax money. or again it could be that was a federal drug dog that came from that explorer. in that case its a waste of our federal taxes and or land use fees. and still a violation of peoples 4th amendment rights whew !! ps. i stand by my 1st post and title topic what a waste !! and yes i know that voicing my opinion as such makes me look anti law enforcement. or that i support criminals niether could be further from the truth.
  16. it is funny how people will read things but never quite read or maybe never understand it all. jmanx you typed an entire page of pretty much nothing !! hiding behind "law" spirit or letter, is nothing better than a lame excuse. if there was a problem of this type at dumont blm would be aware we as a recreating community would be aware. which harkens back to one of my original questions which you obviously failed to read. what stats or incidents happened that sparked such a thing. further if your front rim is bent you dont rip the back of your car apart. you work at the front where the repairs are needed. i/e every ghetto in san berdoo county. so if there was no shootings robberies drug related crime going on in our ghettos then ya cmon out and harrass us. any way you slice this , its a waste of money. ( if you mind your pennies the dollars will take care of themselves) if your bankrupt you cut back. this is not cutting back. just so you know ynot (terry) is a friend i have a very high respect for. and we have had such discussions on other topics. and i most certainly expected terry to add in to this. because his point of view helps to make me think and question an issue i may be opposed to. further tim (bp guy ) he is a buddy i dune with and camp with. and is also a leo. i am not against law enforcement i appreciate and respect enforcement. and as i indicated in my first post this is not a question or challenge to officers in the field. this is there bosses. unforunately i had more to add but alas i have to go to work. i will finish this tomorrow
  17. ok i see quite a few people agree. i will add just a couple of things to this . A) blm saise it wasnt there deal. and it was a sbcsheriffs operation. and they had no knowledge. however as i drove out i saw the RANGER in a ford explorer and on the side written K9 UNIT. as you exit, on there lighted billboard. it said "k9 tesa" thanks you for visiting. that would leave me to conclude that blm was not exactly telling the truth. b) since when ( other than hot pursuit) does a county have the right to come on federal land and enforce county laws without federal permission. C) at what point does a "dog" have the authority or language skills to communicate and inform the citizen that he smells a specific illeagle drug and you must surrender your civil rights when it comes too search and siezure. d) oxy is not an "illeagle drug " it is a "prescription drug" it is illeagle to posses without a prescription. as i understand it is a powerfull drug. however many , if not all of us at 1 point in our life has borrowed or taken some sort of prescription drug that wasnt prescripted to us.that doesnt make us druggies or criminals. if there was evidence that this activity is causing accidents i could somewhat justify ( in my own head) the reasoning for it. e) dogs cannot read vin numbers f) how many officers (on overtime) does it take to operate that single drug dog. in conclusion, it is a violation of our civil rights, it is a waste of our money, and in my opinion it is nothing more than an illeagle scam by leos to generate money. most duners are middle class and this is just blatant money grabbing . ps. yes i maybe uninformed and looking for answers jmanx. at least i have a high enough iq to realise somthing isnt right ........................... and just because blm makes up a story does not mean i have to beleive it or accept it.
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