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  1. I-15 N 864 mi 13 hours 45 minsI-15 N from my house in apple valley
  2. capt, fasterdaddy , bpguy, we should discuss a quest to idaho !! maybe get pete terry and randog and there crew too. jimbo , bert what do you think?? friggin epic i want some of that !!!!!!
  4. did you talk to esslinger or the circle track crowd. dont they still have that pinto pony class ?? thats an old motor lil hard to find i would think
  5. i would use ocean blue marine products for fusing , cutoff swithes ect k4 switches at kar tek. and relay heavy amp usage items.
  6. YOU SHOULD HAVE COME OVER AND SAID HI!!! WERE DDR USER FREINDLY who ever owns that yellow buggy needs to talk to there child. see where his lil arm is, sneaky lil guy. im sure dad didnt know, but he is caught on film !!!
  7. ya no kidding i wonder how many more we can shake out of the tree
  8. well joe, it's easy to explain evrything lately is "for sale" nobodies getting on and posting anymore. as far as drama no i was looking at the funny stuff. this thread wasnt so funny. reading it now however that is the impression i got. not trying to stir a pot just trying to be entertained.
  9. feeble just doesnt seem to do it juctice, lets go with pathetic !!!
  10. my dck is bigger than yours o ya well mine is faster well mine handles better :freakin_nuts:
  11. omg uber classic thats when i came up with as the sand blows or was it another post i cant remember. it would be funny to see craig in his fed ex uniform chasing people with a mag light ....................................................
  12. obviously no one told you about our fiasco coming back from the suspension tuner a few years back at glamis o o o o o o or the moonless night run at dumont.
  14. what i learned from this is fords dont float
  15. just remember :chevy: boy its not the tune !!!
  16. awsom pics neal henry dumont jenkins approves
  17. dont expect anything out of me when my wifes in the car *shakes in fear* besides its been a while since ive been out so i was just wanting to sit in the pack and get reaquainted. so i guess i was slow footbob this weekend. probably to do with the shoes "yuk" but mostly the wife. hey got anymore boston cream dogs for henry???? kiddie tracks what kiddie tracks ?? you mean those tee tiny bumps we hit ??? you should have been in your element right there with that short course gettin, gnc eatin funco of yours !!!!
  18. unless it happened sunday it didnt happen according to san bernadino county sheriffs officer. we talked to him sunday morning at beefy boys, he said no life flights, no deaths, no accident callouts, he said most folks were keeping it straight. of course thats only one law enforcement unit maybe the rangers had somthing,
  19. i heard that all weekend who are you ?? the bob i know is barefooted IT WAS COLD MAFAKAS !!! SO COLD IT SNAPPED YO AXLE
  20. theres nothing inappropriate about cameltow .......... ing
  21. i just saw it on th news so sad
  22. oh another funny line *bike wont start* randog: this thing is goin in the fire if it wont start *kicks it some more* randog: man i need to refill my drink *bike starts first kick* thank you lou and randy for the tech advice on the wastegate springs we ground them down. got it down to 10psi.
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