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  1. lol what do you think i just did ! i dont think you realise the people that read ddr. im pretty sure it is being discussed and looked into. this forum is "dumont issues" this of course is an issue. and this might help an honest citizen being aware of there rights. "City of Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 32 (2000), the Supreme Court ruled that discretionary checkpoints or general crime-fighting checkpoints are not allowed." thats why your fat, and your car wont start .lol, and didnt come dune with me .
  2. it is by no means an up hill battle, i am a very affable person. i must say attacking my iq was hitting below the belt. but as most debates i have been known to do it a time or 2. but ............... this debate is by no means over. you forced me to spend 2 hours researching . and i am most definately going to post it up. i worked to hard to find it . and you made me think about it all day !!! i love a good debate !! so here it goes... 1st off in the 4th amendment there is an exclusion to checkpoints. and that is "City of Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 32 (2000), the Supreme Court ruled that discretionary checkpoints or general crime-fighting checkpoints are not allowed." 2nd california vs carney: " The California Court of Appeal affirmed, finding that the automobile exception applied to a motor home. The California Supreme Court reversed, holding that there is a greater expectation of privacy in a motor home when also used for living quarters, so the automobile exception did not apply. in other words no warrent no looky/ although it is a moot point because san bernardino county sheriffs violated every one of those peoples 4th amendment rights. 3rd we move to jurisdiction of federal lands: the public domain is under a proprietory jurisdiction. meaning the us government is basically a private land owner. the blm is there manager ( self run so to speak ) so it is subject to laws of private property. and a phone call made by ynot confirms that county sheriffs were not requested by blm. so what were they doing there ??? (however there maybe a backwards rub there, that being, they opened it to the public . ) so does that mean they can cruise the parking lot ??? i dont know. again yet another moot point because those peoples 4th amendment rights were violated. currently there is legislation in the supreme court to curtail drug dogs. because as i understand police have used them to enter houses under warrentless searches. but that fight still rages on. in conclusion we have sbcs on private property. without permission. setting up a general crime fighting stop, against the 4th amendment. and writing tickets illeagly and performing warrentless searches. might i add in the middle of no where. and as a general rule frequented by lower to upper middle class families. near no boarders state or federal. I can only conclude they were there to scrounge money for a bankrupt mismanaged county. who had no bussines squandering our tax money. or again it could be that was a federal drug dog that came from that explorer. in that case its a waste of our federal taxes and or land use fees. and still a violation of peoples 4th amendment rights whew !! ps. i stand by my 1st post and title topic what a waste !! and yes i know that voicing my opinion as such makes me look anti law enforcement. or that i support criminals niether could be further from the truth.
  3. it is funny how people will read things but never quite read or maybe never understand it all. jmanx you typed an entire page of pretty much nothing !! hiding behind "law" spirit or letter, is nothing better than a lame excuse. if there was a problem of this type at dumont blm would be aware we as a recreating community would be aware. which harkens back to one of my original questions which you obviously failed to read. what stats or incidents happened that sparked such a thing. further if your front rim is bent you dont rip the back of your car apart. you work at the front where the repairs are needed. i/e every ghetto in san berdoo county. so if there was no shootings robberies drug related crime going on in our ghettos then ya cmon out and harrass us. any way you slice this , its a waste of money. ( if you mind your pennies the dollars will take care of themselves) if your bankrupt you cut back. this is not cutting back. just so you know ynot (terry) is a friend i have a very high respect for. and we have had such discussions on other topics. and i most certainly expected terry to add in to this. because his point of view helps to make me think and question an issue i may be opposed to. further tim (bp guy ) he is a buddy i dune with and camp with. and is also a leo. i am not against law enforcement i appreciate and respect enforcement. and as i indicated in my first post this is not a question or challenge to officers in the field. this is there bosses. unforunately i had more to add but alas i have to go to work. i will finish this tomorrow
  4. ok i see quite a few people agree. i will add just a couple of things to this . A) blm saise it wasnt there deal. and it was a sbcsheriffs operation. and they had no knowledge. however as i drove out i saw the RANGER in a ford explorer and on the side written K9 UNIT. as you exit, on there lighted billboard. it said "k9 tesa" thanks you for visiting. that would leave me to conclude that blm was not exactly telling the truth. b) since when ( other than hot pursuit) does a county have the right to come on federal land and enforce county laws without federal permission. C) at what point does a "dog" have the authority or language skills to communicate and inform the citizen that he smells a specific illeagle drug and you must surrender your civil rights when it comes too search and siezure. d) oxy is not an "illeagle drug " it is a "prescription drug" it is illeagle to posses without a prescription. as i understand it is a powerfull drug. however many , if not all of us at 1 point in our life has borrowed or taken some sort of prescription drug that wasnt prescripted to us.that doesnt make us druggies or criminals. if there was evidence that this activity is causing accidents i could somewhat justify ( in my own head) the reasoning for it. e) dogs cannot read vin numbers f) how many officers (on overtime) does it take to operate that single drug dog. in conclusion, it is a violation of our civil rights, it is a waste of our money, and in my opinion it is nothing more than an illeagle scam by leos to generate money. most duners are middle class and this is just blatant money grabbing . ps. yes i maybe uninformed and looking for answers jmanx. at least i have a high enough iq to realise somthing isnt right ........................... and just because blm makes up a story does not mean i have to beleive it or accept it.
  5. lol dont panic the dunes changed backside of comp can be tricky under normal conditions there was plenty of good places to shred !!
  6. i know its contraversial when you complain about LEO's . however i feel it needs to be mentiomed . let me start with i am not a drug user. all that know me know this to be obviously true. With that said i do not hold it against others that do ( to a certain point) you start driving the dunes on drugs and putting others at risk your a retard perioud end. A drug dog at Dumont? all i see is a terrible waste of limited recourses. When you see other needed things not being adressed out there. yet they find the time to drag out a drug dog, pay the officer overtime to work that duty is a serious waste of funds. that money comes out of our pockets. whether in taxes or land use fee's it still comes out of our pockets. Does anybody recall junkies. hanging out down there ?? or people hanging out on the corners selling drugs ?? did dumont turn into a drug hub for the cartells ?? was there some sort of study done or statistical ananlysis done that points to drugs being a primary cause of accidents?? who are the complete and utter morons in charge of the blm. they dont have the money to water the entrance road or vendors row but they have money for a drug dog, and why does it take 10 officers to hang out with that 1 drug dog down at the entrance. Not withstanding our constitutional rights being yet infringed upon again. San Bernardino just had to file bankruptcy yet there are the sheriffs out there in there buggies . do we need them on FEDERAL land ?? there are real problems in our cities . mayby we would be better served by getting in there patrol cars and stopping some real crime. not finding ways to harass middle class citizens trying to unwind. anywase let me finish with saying the blm did a fine job with the camp racers. much more mellow than days past. i appreciate the blms presence and there efforts to provide life saving help. this is not the officers in the trenches fault. fellow duners that have the time to voice opinion in the blm meetings may consider voicing this concern.
  7. that leaevs us duning everything unrestricted !!!
  8. its halloween where r u. were leaving for dumont in the morning
  9. im that guy you arrested trying to get IN to mexico ..............................................
  10. does that mean your going? or are you just trying to say" blue bubble gum ????"
  11. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL TECH SUPPORT !!!! anywase i click on the picture it takes me to the forums i click on the word forums on the menu it goes to shoutbox.
  12. hi guys i probably should have just pmed pete , anywase i click on forums as i log in and all i get is the shoutbox. forums dont show at all . i have to click "view new posts " and then chase it back through the tiny gray writing to get on the forums.
  13. i say next season we leave all the women home we wont have to pack half as much !!! or listen to them whine! we could sleep in our box trailers! dam, duning would be half as cheap that way. see what they say when all you pack is a duffle bag of clothes. beer, and some microwave food , throw it in the box trailer and haul azz !!!!
  14. that is a yes and no proposition, yes people fudge all the time on hp. espeacially the blow drier group. with that said just because a car may make more hp does not give it an automatic win. power to weight ratio, traction,gearing,tires and weight balance can play a very big factor as well.lets also not forget tourqe which in a drag race makes or breaks the win
  15. looks like he caught santa clause on his side job !!!
  16. hey bite me !! we alraedy agreed this season is not my fault !! now help me sell this thing . its an obo so get crakin son !!
  17. miller matic 35 wire welder. if nobody grabs this unit im buying it on sat. 500$ jimmy 1-760-242-7277 "One excellent example of the high quality of Miller products is the old Millermatic 35 welder. This is a very heavy duty welder that operated on 208/230 volts and has an amperage of 26.5/24. It was a very popular welding machine a few decades ago and you will still see a lot of them being used today. There are many Millermatic 35 Welders being sold online today and they still carry the respect that they commanded when they first came out. That is the kind of quality that you can get from Miller welders. Today the products that they have still have that same level of dependability that made the Millermatic 35 Welder a welding icon." pulled that write up from a welding site i found while searching to see what kind of welder the miller matic is .everything i read says these are very good quality units .
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