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  1. :dance: showing up on the 15 leavin the 25
  2. what funny is this truck had to be pulled out with a big A** backho on tuesday
  3. is that at the last finger ????
  4. I think were sapose to park near there If so i hope this kid is there so my 3 yr old can school him a thing or two....lol
  5. DeToXiC1


    but what i want to know is did they get a permit and how much of the $$$ is going to be spent in dumont....
  6. from the pic it looks like it is up in coos bay or sand lake area
  7. NO DUMPSTERS ...pack it in and pack it out I think that if we are going to talk fee increese (SP?) then we need to tack on $10 a week or $40 a year to fight the eco-terror NAZI and as for the paved road thing....get over it YOUR going OFF ROADING not to the trailer park
  8. Leaf blower and Meguires quik detailer (SP?) all the while tightening bolts and checking welds :mc_smiley:
  9. DeToXiC1


    are you going to make the pres weekend trip ???
  10. well i can tell you that there are ppl that fly in to nor cal on priv. jet just to check on the progress of the car. the car that the builder is putting together is about 250-300k.. i think that he is abit nutty but who am I to tell the guy how to spend his $$$ this is the same guy the on the way out of the ssss bought a buckshot as a stand by car :whacky101: he has 5 cars... 06 prevost and matching stacker ......all i want to know is if he needs an extra son or something......lol
  11. thats cool JUST as long as there is room for our prevost and trailer.......
  12. no a SHORT STAR is an oldsmobile V6 not a cadi like a lot of ppl think....
  13. DeToXiC1

    chassis safty

    I think that ALL cars (sand) should be SCORE Inspected for safty weather or not the car is for fun or racing this car ma be heavy but it safe with 1.75" 120 wall main frame and has a score certification
  14. DeToXiC1


    give it some viagra
  15. the a$$`s may not hurt BUT do your fingers smell ????
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