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  1. It's only money and you can't take it with you! Nice Stuff! Really nice stuff.
  2. I should be getting there around sundown. Anyone else going to be there so I keep an eye out for your rigs?
  3. By the way, If anyone wants any Weddle swag, send me a PM with your e-mail address, I will e-mail you back with a price and availability. It will save you on shipping. I think t-shirts (med - XXX-L) are $17, Hoodie's (Which are really nice) are $35. I was going to try and swing a box of coozies to bring out as well. I'll have stickers if anyone want's one like the one that's on my trailer.
  4. Officially ready to roll. Trailer is now 1000 lbs lighter with sticker mod!
  5. LOL, that would be so killer. "So what line of work are you in?" "Shipping" "Oh yeah, cool! What kind of position?" "I run large ships aground at full speed! It's my dream job!"
  6. You guys work too hard sometimes, I know you're not doing this whole thing for money. I, for one, appreciate all the work you guys put in just to provide a great place for all of us enthusiasts!
  7. I've seen this exact thing happen in the Channel in Havasu, on a smaller scale of course! http://news.yahoo.com/video/ferry-smashes-ship-breaker-39-150528978.html?vp=1
  8. I'm hoping to be there right around sundown. We should be leaving SB around 11:30 or so. I'm excited, havn't been to real dunes in way too long.
  9. They probably just told him that their jail has the highest prison rape numbers in the country!
  10. I suppose it would be like the old Honda Pilots and Oddessy's, but those are cool and vintage now! http://www.utvunderground.com/new-polaris-sportsman-ace-10884.html
  11. Looks like feb 8-9 is the weekend. I'm in. Lets do this.
  12. Weekend before Presidents weekend??? Dunes will probably be all torn up the weekend after!
  13. I'll be following this post to see if it is possible. I need to get back out to some real dunes, Pismo got way smaller since I've moved up here to SB.
  14. Wow!!! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19ehni_us-stage-4-top-moment-san-juan-chilecito_auto
  15. I like the new commentator, Leigh Diffey is pretty good I think, much better than Sam Posey. I just really wish that they had an hour for this show, 30 mins just isn't enough time to really go in depth for the cars and show some more footage.
  16. Robby finished in 6th today, made up 28 minutes on the overall leader.
  17. Ok, I understand wanting to keep things secret, but if you are in a public place, you will run the risk of having your secrets exposed and the public will take pictures. I understand asking people not to post them online, but don't try and take someone's personal equipment. Just my
  18. Supposedly he is just doing the voice-over for day 1, maybe have a different guy tomorrow!
  19. I just watched the NBCSN show, I have to say that it is pretty damn boring. They really need to get a better commentator, they guy they had last year was pretty good and is still a regular on other racing shows, I think he does some of the SST coverage. Either way, I can't complain that much, It's good to have any coverage on a major network. I really wish they would do an hour show though, there is just too much to cover in 30 mins (20 mins with commercials). There is a lot of discussion over on Race-Dezert but it's tough to read through all the BS bickering about how Robby's new car and preparedness. I just want some sort of semi-accurate info as to what is actually going on. Now that my complaint is over, Robby had problem again today. Same overheating and vapor-lock issues as BJ and the other North American teams. I know it has to do with the altitude and temperature, but I have a feeling that the fuel is causing most of the issues. I think the local fuel just isn't as good as here in the states, or even North America. Hopefully Robby can get things figured out and at least get a stage win.
  20. Live stream of the podium introductions today. It's in Spanish, but I havn't found any English speaking streams, so it will have to do. http://www.tvpublica.com.ar/vivo/
  21. I'm really pulling for Reed. For more reasons than 1, but I've recently come to come to like his attitude and style. I appreciate the guys who can break away from the big teams and factory efforts and give them all a run for their money on somewhat of their own dime.
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