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  1. Yeah I was busy all weekend. It was a great show for us. I don't think the sand car builders will be bringing out their "economy" models for the floor in the next few years. I've heard some complaints that some people wanted to see what a $40k car was looking like these days. It seems like it's all about showing off what they can do on the high end right now.
  2. Why would they be giving away a buggy at the Side by Side Super Show?
  3. That was a pretty smooth show for us, from setting up to talking to (potential and current) customers to tearing down and getting home, back to SB before 9 last night. It seemed like a very busy show, we had a lot of people stopping at the booth getting ready to put money down on new builds and checking out our clutches. It seems that things are on the way up for the industry again. Saw Randog friday night, but was busy with a customer at time, you should have swung back by, I had some coozies for you. Neal Rideout stopped by on sunday and chatted for bit, good meeting you Neal. I probably talked to over 50 people a day, mostly about our clutches and HV-1, which will now be available for LS motors!!! We had a huge name in the booth on saturday, I cant reveal any names, but we might have some big news with venturing into other markets in the next 6 months. We are really excited and hoping we can work it out.
  4. Getting the booth ready for the show. We will be in building 10 across from CBM.
  5. I'm sure Sincityblondie will take it, especially if its a giant picture of Jax with his shirt off!
  6. I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet!!! And we call ourself's a "Duner Site" http://www.sandsportssupershow.com/ I will be there working at Weddle Industries. Swing by, say hi, check out our Transaxles and Clutches. http://weddleindustries.com/
  7. Are you really telling the general public to come and share your killer dunes??? Most people on here prefer NOT to share their killer ride spot for fear of an invasion of "Flatbillers" and, well, I'll just leave it at that!
  8. I believe she is referring to your "Dog eats man's NUTS" article that I refused to read. I like dog's, I don't want that article tainting my opinions about them!
  9. Santa Maria Times Article: http://santamariatimes.com/news/local/huckfest-grows-by-leaps-and-bounds/article_91e42374-0ee0-11e3-80be-001a4bcf887a.html
  10. We waited in line to get on the beach for about an hour. We got turned off of Grand by CHP before the railroad tracks where they sent us over to the Pier Entrance, the line was backed up to the bridge. We waited there for about 45 mins. About 1/4 mile from turning left onto Pier, they shut down that entrance and sent us back up hwy 1 to Grand. We were backed up for about 1 mile from turning left onto Grand so we waited in that line for another 30 mins. Finally got through the Grand Entrance after about an hour and a half. And the lines were backed up for miles on hwy 1 and Grand Ave. It was nuts. They had caltrans signs as we left that said no more vehicles allowed on the beach.
  11. Tami just brought up a good point that we only saw one park ranger all day cruising through the rows! That's where all the craziness was happening! I guess they too busy making the event a pain in the a$$ to the organizers and hoping it won't come back!
  12. Neal, thanks for the update! I'm glad it was other issues and not the organizers fault. Sounds like they did a great job of killing the fun for everyone! I don't think half the people that were there this year will be back! It's too bad, it has the potential to be a great event!
  13. Quick video I took to show the crowds, this only shows about half of the crowd. I'm curious to hear the estimates. Again, I hate to complain about a free event, but a lot of people seem to be in the same boat. The event seemed extremely disorganized. There was no "timeline" for the trucks jumping. They seemed to just go whenever they felt like it. Seemed like there was 20-30 mins between jumps with a few sessions with trucks going about every 5 mins. I know FE135 (Neal Rideout) was out there, maybe he can share his thoughts since he was probably more in the mix. I couldn't see the staging area from where we were so I don't know how they were setting up for the jump. My would be to have the trucks run once every minute. Wait until they are clear of the landing zone and out of the way then send the next one. Even if the event only lasts an hour, it would be a lot more fun to watch! Now, as much as the event sucked, I had a great time watching all the idiots and cool stuff driving around. It was like being at comp or Gecko drags. There were trucks getting stuck all over the place, there was a badass mid 90's cumming diesel truck laying down some good ET's through the rows, dumping black exhaust, everyone went wild when he lit it up. There was another 70's black shortbed chevy with what sounded like a race motor getting on it a bunch, that thing sounded so good. Must have been a used race motor out of a stock car. BJ Baldwin was cruising around in his pre-runner and tried to get up a super steep dune next to the fence line blocking off the vegetation. Well, he made it about 2/3 of the way up and stopped, backed it down, took out the fence and drove off. Class act bro! Could have at least got out and laid the 40' of fencing back in place instead of leaving it on the face of the dune. I would not go back for the event, but I would go back to watch all the crazies. We left before it was over to avoid the crowd, it was about 2:30 and we didn't want to get stuck in the mayhem of everyone trying to leave at the same time. It was already a mess just finding a spot to watch.
  14. You didn't miss much Steve. But I would have to guess that there had to be about 30,000 people out there. It was In-Freakin-Sane! I've been to Glamis on the busiest of weekends and this event blew them all away!
  15. I'll be heading up early Saturday morning, try to get a good spot to watch all the action. Going to bring a full load of people in the jeep that have never been before. I cant wait to get out there, This should be a great time.
  16. I'm only missing one thing to make this happen, Cash! I'm seriously considering selling the LTR and Dizzles TRX250 to get one of these! There are insane deals right now with everyone wanting to upgrade to the 1000
  17. There's some people on GD.com looking for them.
  18. Not the case at all. I'm with you on these type of shows but this whole thing was legit. Ron and serena have had that RV for a few years. Some family members heard about the show and told them, they sent in their application and got picked. There's no phony TV BS on this one. I'll back that up all day!
  19. The inside looks killer, the wrap, ehhh, not so much. Looks a lot better on tv.
  20. I can't believe what you are asking for this! If you still have it for more than a week I'll be effin shocked! GLWTS, great price!
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