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  1. Pete, you and group did a really nice job on this.. Glad I was able to make it. Will make it for sure next year. Thanks for all you did.
  2. First one for me. Usually working on the car after turkey day carnage. This year, no carnage so coming out to play with the group. Pete, we will probably have one other buggy with us that is not a member. No family this trip....just the drivers.
  3. Crap, now no excuses for not checking in. On a serious note, that is fantastic. Can even lengthen the trips being able to work from camp.
  4. Holy Sh*t John. I'm surprised the rim was the only casualty. Impressive as hell.
  5. Buddy of mine is selling this stacker. Trailer is in Apple Valley. Call Doug Hamilton 760-559-2280 2006 Pace American GT Glamis Addition 26' enclosed, 31' overall length 3 axle 18k GVWR 30 gallon fuel station, 50 gallon water Measurements: Rear Door 96" wide opening x 86.5" tall Inside height-11' 1" Overall height=13'6" Hydraulic tongue jack cabinets belly lift rear door remote cable lift winch Trailer will be detailed this week. Dirty from sitting around in barn last few months. Hauls 2 full size rails, sxs and 2 quads $25K.
  6. Tom, Bunny, glad you got things worked out from Halloween Trip. (I'm the guy with the vice), sorry to here about all the damage. I have one of those trips every year or so... We will be in same spot on T-day...pulling in on Mon or Tues.
  7. Two trips on disc and pressure plate. I've upgraded engine and tranny going to a double disc set up. KEP stage 4 pressure plate S4 or S4D clutch disc (KEP) You would have to switch disc if using on a 2D. LS Fly wheel machined for ARP bolts. 228MM clutch. Includes ARP flywheel bolts. ($30.00) LS Flywheel originally pinned for R&H pressure plate. Pins were removed prior to switching to KEP pressure plate. Package was over $700.00 new. Sell for $300.00
  8. Big weekends seems to bring the rif raf. Buddy had his BFD sandrail stolen by hill next to vendors row on Presidents Day weekend. No locks just parked it by the mh. We have had gas cans, gas caps, coolers stolen but several years back on big weekends also. Alarms, and locks seem to be the smart thing to do......just remember to unlock the cables before trying to pull out of camp. I've some pretty funny things happen with the disc locks.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Look like I'm going to invest in a signal booster......
  10. Last few season Verizon worked well around crapper 8 & 9....this year, seems like service is horrible. On and off during the day and over t-day really couldn't find any area that had stable signal. Everyone in group was saying the same thing. Anyone having good luck with Verizon service in other areas? I know we are out there to play but makes for more trips if I can work a few hours a day when out there.
  11. http://www.ricksmedealer.com/press/2007-03-06High_Output_Hayabusa_Kit.pdf Link is for a higher output stator and regulatory/rectifier for the busa. Seems like never enough light...I have a rigid 42" and 2 bullet star HID's, When dusty the rigid top mount makes it look like a white out...visibilty near zero. Out in the sand, they seem to light up the area ahead well enough but can outdrive the lights pretty easily. Thinking about a double 42" set up now. Still nothing like a fast night ride to shrink the old nads.
  12. If you could add a couple more $k to your budget, the Busa rail for sail here on the forum is a pretty good deal. Long travel, reliable, and can dune with any group. Had one for a couple of years and really a huge step up from the beam or mid travel cars. Not having reverse is a pain once in a while. Just need to remember that when parking.
  13. We're in............better bring your A J game Jalper....Johnny in the Air will be there also. Is Jeffy and Slow Joe going?
  14. Last year was colder than hell. Froze the pipes on the MH when I passed out.....er I meant fell asleep and forgot to turn the heater on. 22 degrees if I remember right and sometime between xmas and new year day. If you have never been out to Dumont, take heed in what others tell you on this site, Dumont is not like any other set of dunes you'll play in. They get downright nasty and bite hard. I have been going there for years and I'm still caught by suprise. Usually one careful run when you first get there is the way to go. I know there is a lot of preaching but we see experienced duners but first time Dumont visitors get hurt all the time. Be safe out and have a blast. We'll be there.
  15. That was just frickin cool. Loved the music also.
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