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Kens Colors

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  1. Is that a pinto? ;-) Nice work Beautiful car!
  2. What an educational thread. I am making my 1st trip to Death Valley in Dec.
  3. It would seem to be coming together fast, but this "build" started several years ago! Bad a$$ nonetheless.
  4. That is the one I have and now I use it at home instead of my big grille?
  5. Hi Wing Nut> Nice to see you have not lost your form!! :hatdance:
  6. Why recruit him for DDR?
  7. I ride in the mountains every chance I get!!
  8. I Hope this cleanup gets some press! Great work guys! Steve, Your truck looked happy out there!!
  9. Are you sure that is what is causing you to itch?
  10. Great then I could not get in thanks a lot monkie!
  11. I thought those things were already illegal out there
  12. The novelty of Crown in and of itself? Or the novelty of the new name?
  13. I just met the owners of those horses 2 days ago. I am supposed to do a little work for him, on his horse trailer. He wants to tint the plastic windows on the trailer. among other things.
  14. who is this Mike from Malibu??? All they have in Malibu is steers and queers and I don't see any horns LOL
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