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  1. I don't know the situation the officers faced, but I bet the victims didn't follow their instructions. They probably reached for something. Not to throw anything else on schoolteachers, but it would't hurt to teach kids how to interact with law enforcement in health class. (It might preserve their health) I'm not sure people know how to react when confronted by a deputy.
  2. Neal Rideout takes the most beautiful pictures. Even though I know nothing about art, I can tell they are art because I look at them and examine them instead if just glance.
  3. My email is working goofy so I will share my experience here. It's not bashing anyone, so I don't think anyone would mind. I bought my kid a new quad and forgot to get a new sticker for it. While setting it up with pipes and paddles, the sticker fell through the cracks. On Fri morning (Thanksgiving weekend) we were sitting at the bottom of comp. A dirtbike pulled up, the guy got off and started walking around my kids new quad. It was a Deputy. I walked over and told him it didn't have a sticker, I forgot to buy one. I didn't give him any excuses. He kind of stood there thinking. I told him to go ahead and write the ticket, I did it. He was pleasant and complied! He did say if I present him with a sticker before the end of the weekend he would tear the ticket up. On Sat morning my wife drove to Pahrump to buy a sticker. Doghouse was closed, but he opened up just for her to buy a sticker. It was a 2013 sticker too. Thanks Doghouse! We went to the information place at the Ranger station and there was a nice lady working the counter. She called the deputy on the radio and he responded by telling her to dismiss the ticket. Everyone was respectful and pleasant. We need to remember they are people too who sometimes have a bad day. They also have to deal with the dark side of our sport. The side where people get injured or worse.
  4. Very sad. Some tough times for the family of Craig. RIP Also tough times for the driver of the buggy, I didn't know them, but they were camped near us and the whole circle packed up. I hope the Rangers and Deputies are OK too. It's not an easy job. Things like this can affect so many people. I hope everyone affected can eventually find peace.
  5. This is the one to watch out for. He will wander into you're camp acting lost. But don't fall for it. He's undercover.
  6. It's supposed to be warm this weekend. Keep an eye out. I do have a pic. It's on my wifes facebook page. It was taken last Thanksgiving. It was a mature sidewinder. I will figure out how to get the pic here. I'm not trying to scare anyone, it's just a heads up.
  7. This is what I do. I got this at Home Depot. I only use it for camping. I pack it with firewood at home, and dump the wood when we make camp. I couldn't believe how bad comp hill looked on Sun morn Halloween weekend. Is it that hard to crush your cans and bring them back to camp? I also pick up "stuff" whenever I stop. I think littering is getting worse.
  8. I have one. It's of me holding it last Thanksgiving. I will find it.
  9. My kids were scared and had fun at the same time. Thanks so much, Your hard work dedication, and certainly the money spent were appreciated by thousands. You family is a huge asset to the duning community.
  10. I'm serious. Three rattlers since last Thanksgiving. Yes. Thanksgiving. And it was at night. I thought they would already be hibernating.
  11. Sidewinders, so yeah, I guess they are sand snakes. But they were not invited into our circle. I have tossed 3 into the wash in less than 12 months (river crossing) so watch out. They are probably pissed!
  12. WE camp near bathroom 12 and for the past two years have had three rattlers in our camp. One of the times we were sitting around the campfire and it sounded like there was some kind of leak. Maybe a propane leak. This went on for a minute or two when someone yelled "SNAKE" It was sitting around the campfire with us rattling for us to leave! It was close to the wife's foot and she was wearing flip flops. I kicked it away from her foot and went after it as the whole camp scattered. I picked it up and relocated it near the wash past the entrance. Well, this year we camped in the same place. It was back! Back to the wash it went. Plus we saw another one by a bush nearby, no campers there so I left it alone. Keep in mind they are there. Check your campsite and all around well if you have dogs or kids. Anyone else with these in their camp lately?
  13. How they work is amazing. I think law enforcement jobs will be secure for quite some time. I actually like the rangers and deputies at Dumont. They do an excellent job and have always been good to my family and friends.
  14. In Indiana in 1979, 26 trained dogs sniffed 2,780 junior high and high school students, running their noses along the kids’ legs. They identified 50 students as drug carriers. The kids were strip-searched or told to empty their pockets. Thirty-five of the 50 students were clean. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3078300/ I don't do drugs- never have. I still have a serious problem with the "I have nothing to hide" idea. I have never had a negative run in with law enforcement before. In the few run ins I have had, I was respectful as were they and I went on my way. (I need to drive slower!) They have a tough job and I appreciate them and what they do. However, I do not want to run the gauntlet of trained dogs and questioning while taking my family to the dunes. I guess I'll step off the soap box now too! We had such a good time this weekend, the kids (teenagers) were in bed by 7:30 last night! Completely spent!
  15. There is a trade off being discussed here. The balance of liberty and security. How much government intrusion into our lives will we accept in the name of security? Political philosopher Thomas Hobbes pointed out 400 years ago, when humans fear for their security, they give up liberty. It's quite easy to make people feel afraid. Remember terror alerts during the last administration? Drug sniffing dogs are right 20 to 30% of the time and can be "set off" with only a small command by the officer. The officers beliefs often influence the dogs studies show. Don't give up my rights for me. They were hard fought with much blood spilled. I will keep my liberty and lock up my stuff.
  16. "Those who sacrifice liberty for security get neither" Benjamin Franklin 1775
  17. I wrote in another thread that I was at comp hill Sat night and was approached by two characters dressed in black asking if I had any pot. Having never been into drugs of any kind, I gave them a strange look and stood there for a second. I told them no, I don't smoke. They actually questioned me and asked if I knew anyone who had any. I again told them no. None of my friends smoke. I tend not to hang around with drug people. We don't have much in common. I finally turned my back on them and they walked on down the line. I just thought they were weird, but friends of mine who overheard the whole thing told me they thought they were undercover. I never knew there was such a big drug problem at Dumont. I always figured druggies would spend their money on drugs, not sand toys.
  18. Thank you for doing this. My kids were among the scared Saturday night. The verdict? Thumbs up. They said it was scary but fun.
  19. I was pissed. I'm curious if anyone else was approached by these guys.
  20. I think they might have had undercover people working comp hill Sat night. Two people came up and asked me if I had any pot. I told them I didn't smoke. They said "come on. You have to know someone who has some" I again told them sorry, I don't smoke and neither do my friends. They badgered me a little more then moved on. It was weird.
  21. I forgot the price. Six hundred and fifty big ones. Half the price of new.
  22. Much quieter than the contractor generators. Will start most 13,500 BTU air conditioners. Runs all night on a gallon of gas. Outside a little beat up. (Floor jack rolled and broke a plastic vent on the left side, and has some scratches) Starts first pull, runs great, no leaks, drips, or ticks. Has battery cables to charge batteries. Has never failed to run or needed a repair. Uses a fraction of the fuel of an Onan. Clean power suitable for computers or sensitive electronics. Read about it on the net. http://www.yamaha-mo...e/475/home.aspx These go for $1300 to $1400 new. About 75 LBS. SOLD
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