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  1. I found this, but who knows. I look forward to seeing them every year.
  2. I thought it was too. And who smiles for a mug shot? I mean if we were to ever have a mug shot.
  3. There is no Justin Beiber. It's actually Miley Cyrus dressed like a 8 year old boy.
  4. I would absolutely 100% take it to Underground Diesel. He is a vendor on vendor row, posts here frequently and has a shop near the new Shelby factory at Warm Springs and Las Vegas blvd. The shop has a very good reputation. Their labor rate is probably about half of what a dealer will charge. I am in no way affiliated with them. http://www.undergrounddiesels.com/
  5. Leaving in about 15 mins. Who is the wise guy who bought up all the firewood at Maverick? I was going to do that. Maybe there is some at Home Depot?
  6. Although the Thanksgiving Day parade is tempting, I think I'll rough it at Dumont instead.
  7. Andy, if you read the rest of the statute, there are plenty of exemptions for them. Read here http://law.onecle.com/california/penal/830.8.html I didn't want to copy and paste the whole thing, it is too long and would ruin the thread but one of the exceptions are imminent danger to persons or property. I have always found challenging authority usually doesn't work well for me.
  8. This is true. Roads are like filters, the rougher the road, the less the road is traveled. In Colorado, old ghost towns on fairly decent roads have been raided and destroyed, the ones on the worst roads are still relatively intact.
  9. The word "Disneyland" and "relax" should never be used in the same sentence. But have a good time anyway!
  10. Slow down is 100% correct. Speed wears the road down and causes washboards much faster. Paved parking? Comfort? Swimming pool and miniature golf? Count me in!
  11. Don't mean to be negative. I have been a road worker most of my life so I can't help but to evaluate roads. I do appreciate the fact that they try to do the best with what they have. Just like a friend of mine. Did ceilings his whole life and can't help looking up anytime he walks into a building.
  12. That $75,000 would be better spent toward tar and chip, also known as chip sealing. It's about $40,000 per mile but requires very little maintenance. Also no more dust. The type II will last until the grader operator scrapes it off. It will then end up in the piles of old type II and sand on the side of the road. More good money after bad... I just noticed, I'm a "dune shredder now"
  13. They're just running with the floats anyway. I can tell. Another reason to crown. (I like 3 1/2 to 4%) is is separates the lanes to drivers. When the road is just flat bladed, people tend to drive in the middle of the road both directions. Just human nature. When there is a clear divider (crown) people tend to drive on their own side. That halfs the wheel impact on the road and it lasts twice as long. And yes, way to many fines on the road. I'm hooked on the new joystick controlled graders. Never thought I'd like them, but after getting used to it, will never go back. I wonder if BLM can be swayed with the tree sap. It would last for a couple years, and the next applications are cheaper and easier as it builds up. The finished product is similar to what oil used to do before the EPA stopped the practice.
  14. I'm a heavy equipment operator who has graded for many years. I try to avoid discussing the road as the condition and grading techniques drive me nuts. But what the heck, here goes. First, I would regrade with proper crowning and ditches, next I would have the road sprayed with lignosulfonate. Lignosulfonate is essentially tree sap suspended in a salt water solution so it can be sprayed. With the road material "roughed up" using button bits, the solution is applied,finish graded, then rolled before it dries.The salt water evaporates leaving behind dried tree sap. After it dries it becomes almost as hard as asphalt and is insoluble. The tree sap sticks the particles of dirt together holding the road shape, stopping the road from wahboarding and holding the dust down to below PM10 standards. That means very little or no dust . PM 10 standards:http://www.epa.gov/airtrends/aqtrnd95/pm10.html The cost is low because it uses a waste product, and we would be happy with no washboards or dust. This is what it looks like being applied. It smells like bbq sauce!
  15. Pisses me off that our vendors are caught up in politics. That politics have migrated into our sand. It isn't just sand. This is where we spend quality time with our family and friends. I value our vendors. I appreciate that they got up before me and I can just migrate over and pick up a good breakfast, a new chain, whip or get something welded. Mother$%*&@#'s, co%$#^&*'s, Bas^%$#$ (censored)
  16. Me too. Are you still going to be able to set up on vendors row? I had plans on paying you a visit for some "stuff"
  17. Awesome Terry, Thank you. Amargosa is to dusty for my liking...
  18. Law enforcement doesn't just "go away" they call for backup. Then they begin to get nasty... I think (correct me if I'm wrong) there are 4 ways into Dumont. Not that hard to put up cones and tape at the 4 locations. If this lasts till halloween, I'll be at the dust piles at Amargosa,
  19. This whole thing pisses me off. Somewhere along the line they went from being employees of ours to being master. These our our public lands. Owned by the taxpayer, not the government. They were hired only to be the stewards, not the boss. I have zero idea if they would kick us out or not. Like I said before, would rather not speculate. But if there is truly a shut down, it should be wide open, bathrooms and all. For the record, I am NOT against any of the rangers or deputies. Whatever happens they are just doing their job and following orders.
  20. The only reason I brought this up is the last time there was a shutdown under Clinton, the things that were shut down tended to almost be vindictive against the people. They closed the Grand Canyon today for $%#@ sakes! Yes, they are turning people away from the Grand Canyon while Congress has their little spat. What would stop them from turning us away? This whole stupid shut down could be over tomorrow for all I know so I will still go get my passes in the next couple days. This government is clearly out of control. We need to make our displeasure felt at the ballot box...
  21. I don't think they are underfunded. They have plenty of LEO's and equipment. Has anyone ever heard of a government agency that claimed they were properly funded? I'm looking for facts. LEO's are still on duty and could easily kick people out, but that would be speculation. I don't want to blow a hundred bucks on diesel and a few hour of drive time without some facts.
  22. Here is a directive about the shutdown plan. It says open land is still open, but controlled access lands will be closed, and campgrounds will be closed. Is Dumont considered controlled access? Because there are bathrooms is it called a campground? . Does this mean no vendor row? "Businesses operated by outfitters with BLM-issued permits will not be able to operate on BLM-managed public lands that are closed" Might end up at the giant piles of dust at Amargosa.
  23. I guess my Oct 19th shutdown was horribly inaccurate. It seems BLM websites are down. Automatically redirects to the generic Dept Of Interior website.
  24. I agree. They do these symbolic government shut downs without thinking about the consequences. People who are serving the country get caught in the middle. They always get paid eventually, but what about bills that are due now? I'm starting to dislike the idiots from both parties...
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