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My Summer Vacation


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My brother in law is in the Navy and was coming to hawaii for a few days. I bought a ticket to fly out there and hang out with him and his wife. I got a real cheap room on Waikiki but it was right on the beach!

Here is my view from my room


Here is a shot of a sunset in front of my hotel.


And a waterfall nearby


The island was very pretty. Jason and his wife did alot of scuba diving, I took the rental car and drove the island taking pictures while they were doing that.

Waves crashing on shore


A 150 foot waterfall at one of the parks there


Trees along the beach (Needs a corona beer huh?)


Turtle on turtle beach


Jason's wife took me out snorkeling for the first time. The water was crystal clear and we saw alot of different types of fish and an eel.


I went over to the USS Arizona Memorial also. That is a must do if over there. It was free and really makes you wonder how that day unfolded as you were standing on one of the sunken ships. There are still men inside the Arizona to this very day.


It is still leaking oil and fuel into the ocaen.


Gun Turret


USS Missouri "Big MO" near by. This is where the Japaneese surrendered and signed the papers.


Did I mention I bought a one way ticket to Hawaii???? Hmmm, how was I going to get home?

Aboard the USS Reagan Thats how!!!


We said goodbye to Jason's wife after 2 and a half days and boarded the ship the night before we were to leave Pearl Harbor. To say this ship is Huge is an understatment. I got lost multiple times while Jason was working. He works in the engine room, So I couldn't go down there to see what he does.

Leaving Pearl Harbor


Here is my bunk. It took 2 nights to get comfortable as to where I wouldn't roll out of bed. I had the top bunk ( about 5 feet off the floor)


Sunset at sea


Here is the Anchor Room. The links weigh about 300 pounds each.



1 of 4 catapults onboard


3 hours outside of Hawaii and they were already launching planes!!!


There is a new movie coming out soon called Battleship. There was a film crew in 2 helocopters filming the takeoffs and landings for the movie.



F-18 landing


The second day at sea we took on JP5 (jet fuel) from another ship. The transfer took about 4 hours and we took on 1.1 million gallons of fuel. This was cool to watch!!


The even did an an airshow for us. A F-18 broke the sound barrier and scared the crap outta me.








This was taken from the fan tail. They go right over the top of you!


Fantail shot


We were allowed on the deck to watch planes take off and land. I have video as well of this I need to upload. We were literally 25 feet from the planes when it stopped at the end of the runway.


Jason is a Senior Chief and about ready to retire after 20+ years. Here he is drilling the new Petty Officers on how to march correctly.


And him on the side of the ship


The crew on the flight deck was having us do the wave!


We got to ride the elevators that take the planes from the hangar to the flight deck. Beats walking all those flights of stairs!!!


Finally after 5 days at sea we made it to San Diego. The tugboats guided us in. All the navy guys and girls were in dress whites and lining the rails.




All the families waiting for us at Coronado Island.


This trip was definately a once in a lifetime experience. I met some cool people on this trip but most of all I have to give it up to the men and women on that ship. I was only on it for 6 days, I was ready to get off on the fifth day!! I can't see how they do 8 months on a deployment and keep their sanity. There is nothing to do on your off time except read or workout or eat.

I must have gone up and down 500 flights of stairs. These are very steep too, one slip and your going to be hurt no doubt. I was also glad he was on such a big ship. We had a destroyer following us and the sea was making that thing rock back and forth as where we were hardly moving. The ship would rock you to sleep at night.

A very long post I know- But it was worth the time and effort to share my experience with you all. If you ever get a chance to do a "Tiger Cruise" jump on the offer.

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You said it once in a life time. Awesome pic and one hell of a vacation. I would take the opportunity in heart beat. I hear you though all that time out to sea no way. My brother in law comes back on the 24th . He only gets the internet maybe once a week and calls every 2-3 weeks. Not cool. But they have to keep there where abouts on the DL. Thanks for posting!beerpint.gif

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My wife and I made a point to go see the memorial as well, when we honeymooned in Maui, and then took a puddle jumper flight over there. Certainly a humbling experience. While we were there, 9 yrs. ago, they premiered a showing of pearl harbor on the beach, the day before we went to the memorial, which made it all the more chilling to take in.

I think you got us all beat riding home on the Reagan...TOO COOL :yiah:

Killer pics of a killer trip. :beercheers:

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Thank you for sharing. Being a "Navy brat", and my dad being gone now, it brought back a lot of memories. I still get choked up seeing the ships coming into port and having everyone lined up in their dress whites. Thank you again for sharing the wonderful pictures/memories.

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Those pics are amazing Tim. That first waterfall pic doesnt look real, looks like a painting almost. Looks like an amzing trip. Thanks so much for sharing.

How did you come across this trip? I definately have to get to Hawaii!

When my brother in law went on deployment he asked me if I was interested in doing it. I told him "HELL YES" I filled out all the forms and emailed them back to him a few months ago. I was cleared by the navy (no big security thing, just physical health type questions). Booked my flight to Hawaii and off I went.

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