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Side x Side rollover 3/22/14 - fatality


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Hi everyone, I am a friend of Sergio. He is still in the UMC hospital, ICU suite. The doctor said he is mostly concerned about Sergio's spinal cord which was badly hurt by the fractures of the bone. Besides that, the neck, arm and face need some surgeries, but are less serious than the back. Doc also said his life is saved, but may be disabled for the rest of his life.

I feel so bad for Sergio, I was so shocked when I heard this tragedy. Pray he can recover and get back to his life. Thank you all for taking care of him and saving his life at the scene, especially Sandmam. I can't imagine what would happen if nobody is around.

I am so glad to hear that Sergio is making progress.. I have thought of him constantly and prayed every day for his future. I knew that he would suffer from his spinal cord injury and his arm.. I'm just so grateful for all the amazing people who were there to help. I held his c-spine stable, but his survival was a joint effort from many very loving, concerned duners.

Thank you for the update, with tears in my eyes, again, I'm grateful to hear that he is making progress... I will never forget those eyes. I would love, if at some point, I could see him, please let me know.

I can be reached at 702-461-7237.

God bless you.. Please tell Sergio he hasn't left my mind.

~Alise (Sandmam)

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While Kristin was in surgery is the same area today, I went to UMC to see how Sergio was doing. The security guard told me he was gone and not there anymore? WTF So where is he I asked thinking the worst (because of all the bad things that have happened lately) He has moved from ICU trauma to intensive care :clap:. His brother was there giving him a bath when I got there, He wants to talk a lot and seemed excited to see me? Very difficult to understand him due to his accent and having a breathing tube stuck in his throat for months( our conversation was with a legal pad). He seems to be improving, did not get to talk with him very long but will go back and see him again. He kept asking how his friend was doing and where he was :( I let his brother handle that. Guess it's not time for him to know yet.

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