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BFD Revo Build Thread


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So the car is now together and running. Its off to heads up performance for a new tune and to have the wire harness extended in order to mount all the electronics in the rear wing. Once we get the dyno work done then its off to test run the car to make sure everything is in the right place and move anything that needs to be moved before going off to powder coat. Hoping its will be done before T-day if everything works out.





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My first dog is buried right under where it is parked in those pics :laughing:

There used to be a ditch there so you must have worked extra hard as a kid to dig that deep of a hole...

Did anyone else wonder what this means? :think:

My parents built on his families land.

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Figured I would give this thread a little update... 

Here is a list of a few of the things we changed up/added:

-Custom fuel tank to allow for more room for the rear diff box
-more sturdy motor mounts
-power steering and tilt wheel
-moved radiator up front for better cooling
-added oil cooler
-raised shift handle 
-added tom pro alternator

As of now just fixing up a few voltage issues and then off to CHP for a vin tag and hopefully be out at G for Halloween... 
revo 10.jpgrevo 9.jpg

revo 8.jpg

revo 7.jpg

revo 6.jpg

revo 5.jpg

revo 4.jpg

revo 3.jpg

revo 2.jpg

revo 1.jpg


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16 hours ago, dunefreak said:

Damn that thing is beautiful! Looking really good. Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since you updated this thread. :laughing: 

Keep it coming. 

Ya last year the car took a back burner, but lets hope it stays together and works 

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1 hour ago, dunefreak said:

:bump: Have you taken it out for a shakedown yet? How did it go?


Took it out to Glamis for Halloween and blew out the jeffco diff box. Got that all fixed up and took it back out for Vets day and dropped a valve in the motor and put a rod through the bottom of the case.. So had to order a complete crate motor and going to build it back from there... Still debating on scraping the busa set up, for a subi and 2d, but its tough to come to terms with dropping another 15-20 grand on a drive train. 


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2 hours ago, raspadoo said:

Damn Brutha you guys are having zero luck with that ride. I know its not you families style but could you ease off on the boost and get rid of that gearbox.I know reverse is handy but…..

 Ya the new motor should be a little more tame... the gear box issue was the same thing that was causing problems back when we came out for the day with you, just didnt fix it the right way i guess. I did see though that RPM makes a reverse box that has the same specs so if we have any more issues we may change to that one and keep the jeffco as a back up 

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