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Drone "Follow" Video Camp GTP Season Opener 2015

sand chick

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One of our really good friends had a drone out this weekend for our Camp GTP Season Opener... It "followed" him so some of us took off and did a run video..
So much fun!!!

It was Adam and Brandon up fron tin Adam's 2 seat RZR, Mike and FireKracker in the rail, Scott in his 4 seat RZR and then me bringing the tail end in the Ace! Part way one of the kids in our camp jumped in line on his quad!

This was my favorite ride of the weekend!


Not sure how to embed the video, guess the link will just have to work :laughing:

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That is so awesome. It's amazing how far the possibilities of capturing video and photo have come since I started going out to Dumont. Back in the day it was just cool to have a DIGITAL camera. Now look! haha

I would love to get some video of our group on a one of our "cocktail runs". We sometimes do some stupid stuff that would be awesome to watch.

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Jodi, how did the drone follow you? Was the pilot in one of the vehicles being filmed or in another vehicle just shadowing the line?

Brandon was in Adam's RZR, lead vehicle, his drone has a "follow me" feature. He sat passenger and it was I guess "teathered" would be a good word to a notebook and Brandon had it in his lap. Edited by sand chick
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this was just a test run to see how it would do in the dunes. we weren't sure how it would do around the dunes.

This drone could record for about 10-15 minutes, and has a top speed of 23mph. It's not easy to go 23mph... lol The speed is why i was looping around, and avoiding crashing it into a dune is why i stayed in the small area. There are so many possibilites with this.

This was at 50 feet up. I think it could be safe to use it lower, making some parts look cooler. It was pretty damn fun, but i was bummed it didn't get the wheelies i pulled in the RZR. it was behind us. :(

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