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MLK Weekend 2016 pics/ reports


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I had to work today but we got sent & tagged in a handful of photos from the weekend so far so I figured I'll start a trip report/ pic thread. Post up anything from the weekend here.






the RZR fire incident


Samsung Notebook 9 commercial filming


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Arrived Thursday night and left late this afternoon after we tore around the dunes on the 70's. It was not a busy weekend which made for some good runs. Most of the Regulators had a great weekend, till one of us got the short end of the stick on a crossover. Luckily he is ok and was wearing his helmet and harness. The stock cage did a pretty impressive job.




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If you we're out at the D for MLK you missed out! For the most part the weather was great, a little wind at times but definitely manageable. The place was empty! We had a lot of great runs and even more ridiculous camp fire antics. It seemed like we just kept seeing the same 2 groups out in the dunes, Rees's and Week's lol.

We came across the rolled maverick probably within a minute of him rolling. Pretty violent aftermath, no doubt he walked away because of his harnesses. Glad he's ok. We rolled it down the hill a couple times before his group showed up. Between the toasted RZR and dismantled Maverick, their was quite a bit of carnage for the small croud.

Looking forward to Pres. Day and side by side wars. See you guys out there.

Sent from the dune in front of you

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