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Veteran's Day '16

sand chick

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You guys should head to Glamis and partake of the 13th Annual Veterans Day ceremony at the flagpole. It's an event like you won't find anywhere else. Bring some tissue, something seems to be in the air down there while this event is taking place. Happens every year on the Saturday of Veterans weekend at 11:11AM.

When that's all said and done and you've had your fill of the dunes for the day round about dusk they hold the Marine Corps Birthday and cake cutting ceremony down at Wash 22.

Both are awesome not to be missed events hosted by duners for duners.

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@aceisback I wish we could head to Glamis, but we already have Glamis on the calendar for the last weekend in January, its such a far drive for us. 

@DuNe~Rydher We'll be by bathroom #3, wherever cell service is good. Low key weekend for us as well. 

@dunefreak You know you want to go for Veteran's Day! 

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Yes myself and my honey are headed out there Thursday about noon or so we'll be there with our Raptors and of course Our fur baby's 🐕 🐶,  we generally go out on non busy weekends not because we're not sociable but for our dogs peace of mind they can't handle the fireworks. We normally park next to the finger dune across from #7 , it's our first Dumont trip of the year we'll have our Fireball for after riding. Your welcome to a shot if you stop by. Here's a picture of what we look like minus the 400ex that was stolen and never recovered we both have 660 Raptors now. 



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