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Halloween 2017 weekend reports

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Post up your pics and weekend trip reports here! 


It was another huge turnout this weekend with about 16,000 visitors per the BLM. LOTS of dust this year. All in all  it was a great time though. Nobody in our group got hurt and we laid down some really good dune runs. It felt great to be back . I'll get some more pics up when I go through them all. 

IMG_20171028_091325093 (Large).jpg

pano (Large).jpg



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Friday night




It was dusty as hell out there this weekend!

Dusty Halloween 2017



I cruised up the hill to the south to see all the lights in camp. Dumont City!

Dumont City Halloween 2017



The half moon was dropping fast so I grabbed my camera and managed to snap a couple handheld shots before it dropped below the mountain. 

Half Moon going down Halloween 2017


Almost Gone!



Saturday morning was really nice. The temperature was perfect. 

Sat AM Halloween 2017


Sat AM Halloween 2017



Our camp

Camp, Halloween 2017



One of the locals came out to say wassup.

A Dumont local, Halloween 2017



Ben and I went out for a morning rip. There were hardly any duners out yet in the dunes. We got a great run in.

Sat AM Halloween 2017



I watched these guys play around on the hills for a bit.

Blazer in the sand Halloween 2017


Jeep in the sand Halloween 2017


Orange Blazer playing the sand, Halloween 2017


Orange Blazer playing the sand, Halloween 2017



Camp was packed.

Halloween 2017



These guys were sending it.

Dirtbikes sending it Halloween 2017




Medivac Halloween 2017



Lou took the dogs out for a morning stroll 

Lou and the dogs



@louB and Lindsay ready to run

Lou and Lindsay ready for a run, Halloween 2017


@Dent boy

dentboy ready to run, Halloween 2017


@vegas style

vegas style ready to run, Halloween 2017



We duned out to the North Pole where there was a huge group of people.

North Pole, Halloween 2017



Banshee Hill was hoppin as usual. Lots of dudes racing.

Banshee Hill Halloween 2017


Banshee Hill Halloween 2017



The dusty cloud that hung over the camp area.

Camp, Halloween 2017



I stopped over at Walter and Howard's camp to say hi. It was cool to see them bring out all of the decorated RZRs. 

Flintstones car, Halloween 2017



I swung by vendor row and saw Howard cruising out in the Flintstone-mobile.

Flintstones car at vendor row, Halloween 2017



It was getting warm so I relaxed in my shaded hammock with a cold beverage for a while.

Chillen in the hammock! Halloween 2017


Chillen in the hammock! Halloween 2017



@Dent boy had to check it out too.

dentboy checking out the hammock



Brice and Mary stopped over with the dogs and Newt quickly got comfortable!

Newt taking a nap



Cody had a big audience at the top of the finger dune and he and his buddies were jumping

Cody jumping, Halloween 2017


Sending it right by camp, Halloween 2017



I could go for a pizza.

Dominos pizza delivery. Halloween 2017



Despite the warm temps, we all headed our for a big group run. We were laying it down pretty good, therefore everyone started running a bit warm so we stopped to cool off. 

Saturday afternoon dune run, Halloween 2017


Halloween 2017 GoPro shot



Robyn and Chris headed out for some camp hoppin. His Spazmatic car actually did really well this trip!

Robyn and Chris, Halloween 2017



I did a little more of this again. 

Chillen, Halloween 2017



As the sun went down it got super dusty. 

dusty camp, Halloween 2017



A spotted for a guy that was jumping by our camp. 

Sending it at sunset, Halloween 2017



The dusty sunset

Sunset, Halloween 2017


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Saturday night we headed over to the Trunk or Treat. It was pretty awesome! There were a ton of people over there and @JeepingJay36 did a great job hosting it. It was like one big party. 

Dumont Halloween 2017


Dumont Halloween 2017


Dumont Halloween 2017



Howard won one of the plaques. I think it was the Star Wars car that took best decorated UTV.


Dumont Halloween 2017


Dumont Halloween 2017



Dumont Halloween 2017



Dumont Halloween 2017



Dumont Halloween 2017



Comp Hill was insane.

Comp Hill, Dumont Halloween 2017



After rolling through looking for our group for probably 45 minutes to an hour, I was getting impatient. My clutch foot was getting tired. lol So I blasted up Comp and just sat up there for a bit checking out all the lights and mayhem.

Sat night, Comp Hill Halloween 2017



I went back down and found some of our group. I chatted with a few friends that stopped by and had a good time as usual at the hill. 

Sat night, Comp Hill Halloween 2017


Comp, Dumont Halloween 2017



Leaving on Sunday was a zoo. 

Dumont Halloween 2017



It was a great trip!


My photo album...


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Very nice trip stayed until monday. I was at comp on Friday night but Saturday the doggies were not feeling it so I skipped the Trunk or Treat. I liked the crowd reminded me of the the big boom Dumont had around the 2005/2010s. Truck did good, still needs way more horsepower.

















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Man looks like an epic Halloween. Always one of my favorite times to get out to the Dunes. What a crowd and looks like everyone had a blast. Going to get out on an off weekend or try to head out for a couple days on Thanksgiving weekend.

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