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How's your quarantine going?


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Just curious how everyone is doing? What are you up to? 


I'm "essential" so I'm still working but we have shorter hours. It's kind of nice though since I get out early every day. More time to ride and enjoy this great weather. It's also allowed us to finish some house projects. I also finally upgraded some stuff on my buggy too. 


Here's some pics of what I have been up to.


Buggy repairs at my buddy's shop




Solo dual sport rides

IMG_20200406_173432311_HDR (Large).jpg


We took the Sprinter van through Titus Canyon in Death Valley 



Camped out at Trona Pinnacles



Camped and rode Mojave Preserve with my woman 




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I am essential, so I am still working. All admin is home teleworking, It's definitely quieter on the roads especially at night. Can't wait till this blows over and thing get back to somewhat normalcy. 

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Essential in Telecom Industry, supporting the large Healthcare Providers....COVID-19 has us doing 10-12 hour days and On-Call at all times.


Can't wait so some regularity to take advantage of kids being out of school and get away for some time out on the trails.

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Thinking of Going out there May 1. Have been to Dumont for over 10 years. How is the Road getting in there and do you think the camping area will be soft. We just bought a new MH since my hip replacement and this will be our first trip in it with a 16' enclosed Trailer.


Thank You


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Road report is good, just take your time, camping area should be good just watch for soft patches and keep speed up through them also if trailer is a tandem don't make any sharp turns. The weather is changing rapidly, be ready for some HEAT. 

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We are essential and working, was off 2 weeks not feeling well our protocol is to be off, tested and negative, back to work, Doing a complete remodel on our yard trying to get as close to zero maintenance as possible. Hoping they get our dunes opened up soon did a soft open this week end at 2 location's for the local communities only. will have to see how it goes pretty sure the Governor is not going to let them open to everyone for the holiday weekend so 3 days to work on the yard.    

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