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OHV gets phased out at Pismo. Will this affect Dumont?

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It's a sad day for Pismo and OHV.¬†ūüė¶¬†California just keeps getting worse and worse!


After a 12 hour Zoom meeting, the Califormia Coastal Commission voted to:
  • phase out OHV recreation at the ODSVRA in 3 years
  • ban night riding in the dunes for OHV
  • close Pier Ave. in 1 year (July 2022)


It’s time for State Parks to defend their authority! It’s a sad day for the users of the ODSVRA.
We are waiting on the final written decision from the CCC but we are prepared for the legal battle ahead...are you willing to stand with us?


This raises some concerns for me. How will this affect Dumont? Remember Halloween weekend and how insanely crowded it was? Yes, part of the reason was because of COVID and everyone was finally allowed to do something fun plus it was the season opener, but much of the crowd were first timers from Pismo. At the time, Pismo was still shut down because of the pandemic. This drew a large gathering of duners to Dumont. I wonder if these people will flood Dumont for good once Pismo is closed off to OHV.  
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I certainly hope not, though they would probably stick to the "little dunes" if they are used to Pismo. We went there once, I was done with the duning in about an hour, camping / riding on the beach was the best part :thumb:

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Pismo was junk duning. Nothing there for buggies. A quick blip of the throttle and it's over. I think it will be way to far for that crowd.

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On 3/22/2021 at 10:35 AM, Sandbuddy said:

Pismo was junk duning. Nothing there for buggies. A quick blip of the throttle and it's over. I think it will be way to far for that crowd.


It wasn't too far for many of them on Halloween weekend. 


Either way. I don't doubt the duning there sucks. That's not really what I'm getting at here. I just hope it doesn't get shut down. 1) because it'll possibly cause more people to come to Dumont. and 2) I don't ever like to see any place get closed for OHV use. Once they take some, they always try to take more.  

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If/when the Pismo regulars try Dumont they may be challenged with the lack of amenities close by.  They may also wonder why they never came to Dumont.  Those that miss the beach may head north to Oregon.  Some may give up offroading all together.


  As long as the newcomers to Dumont respect others and the land, they are welcome to go and enjoy!  

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I have talk to a lot of people and most are also coming from Glamis, they tell me Dumont is the place to be on Halloween due to the craziness,  My daughter likes the Trick and Treat,  but for me the music all night just wears me out,  

so think this year i am going to show up Saturday Morning and stay till Wed-Thurs,   in the past i got there on Tuesday and Thursday Friday was a sh*t show,    

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