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Friendly hill shooting


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Any one up for a little compitition? I know everyone who rides wants to get the best bang for the buck. how about a little "bolt on" bike comparison....

We could meet up at banshee hill pres weekend and see who has the fastes "bolt on bike"

so what do ya say???

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I dont know, maybe feb 16th (saturday) noonish or so......

:freakin_nuts: I don't know but sunday after noon sounds better.Lot of people are just getting in to dumont sat-16th.Sounds like it's going to be a ltr & yfz throw down. Time to put up or shut up...... :DDRrocks:

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You guys are silly.We will bring out the bolt on Raptor.Its the only bolt on left in the stable.Jesse is over 220lbs so we will have Danny ride it.He is around 180.Fair enough? :freakin_nuts:

215lbs now!

I will ride my sh!t...

As Big John says "Lets get it on!" :DDRrocks:

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im about 180lbs, and no nos, strickly bolt ons. I think a little silly in life makes it that much more fun.... we can pick a day when it gets closer, what do you guys like better banshee or comp, Im old school so I like comp. It will be cool meeting up with you guys!

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