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    My friends Hauler was broken into last week at a locked/gated storage facility in Henderson(dont know what the name of it is) They pried a window frame out and popped off the window. Only made off with his CD collection and some movies. He doesnt keep the toys in it. Left the TV and food but made a real mess and about 1K worth of damage. so much for SECURE STORAGE
  2. Cool signs Dog, that trailer looks awsome :fro_smokin: I hope you keep it as long as i'm breakn stuff
  3. The last time I talked to Phil (doghouse guy) he was tryin to sell the business. Maybe someone could buy it and add some more stuff. He sure builds a helluv an engine
  4. Sat was awsome...I was right by you guys (yellow rail in the camp w/ the red mazda miata) The road comin in was OK, i was able to do 40/45 or so w/ my flatbed trailer because there wasn't anyone else around. But w/ the hauler probably 25 would be max.
  5. I've got a 2 BR condo for rent in NLV, PM me if your interested. 865.00 per month
  6. We stay there once in a while...only problem we've had were the bums jumpin the wall and panhandling in the campground. try and stay away from the sides next to industrial and sahara roads, and you wont see as many people jumpin the wall.
  7. I'm not in there at all, but it was still a great video..thanks
  8. 1. Great weekend, I got to meet dinicolady, sincityblondie signing me up for the cleanup. 2. Guess I wasn't paying attention and missed the meet-n-greet/photo-op at the south pole Maybe next year.\ 3. Also forgot about the DDR t-shirts 4. VW Jetta's from Utah can sure fly down the dirt road :dance:
  9. Hey Big Red welcome from still a newbie....youre welcome to camp w/ us if you can find us.(usually between the rock hill and the cliffs above the pass checkers) We will probably have around 5 or 6 haulers or motorhomes w/ 5 or 6 kids. I can email you some pics of my toys to help find us if your interested. Were goin out probably wed or thurs. night thru monday:) Andy
  10. It does seem to do it from the tailpipe when it happens. I changed the spark plug and put new gas in it and it seems to be doing better now. I accidentally put some of that E85 ethanol fuel (15%gasoline and 85% corn) in my toyhauler gas tank. Some $hiathead peeled the sticker off the pump and it looked like I was pumping 89 octane. I think that may have contributed to it even though i diluted it alot. I hope all of that fuel is gone from the tank. Guess I'll find out this week Thanks for replying to my post :shocked2:
  11. New Years is usually a pretty good time to go. It gets a good size crowd but not as packed as T-giving or Pres Day.
  12. :eatdrink021: My Yamaha G16 gas golf cart backfires almost everytime you let off the gas and come to a stop, I've only owned it a couple months but it is a 1989 or something like that. Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. I also hit one of those at Dumont 2001. It was 2 or 3 days after a holiday weekend, my group were the only ones there and I was goin across the flats on a blaster wide open and didn't see it til it was 5' in front of me. I did a superman w/o the bike and ended up breaking my collar bone. Got a ride back to Vegas from the kind folks at the Baker Ambulance service. Bein out of work for 2 months $uck$ but the morphine was wild.
  14. I'm in the same boat, my 03 Excursion trans went out at 125k and I had it rebuilt at a POS shop that is no longer in business..it lasted for about 25k, now I have the "new" Ford Rebuild w/ the warranty and its pullin great
  15. You might also try Motorcycle Tire Center on Charleston at Eastern, Give Ken a call and see if he has what you are lookin for. He always manages to find stuff for me even if he doesn't have it, and at a fair price. 702-382-8824
  16. Incase this hasn't been posted yet, I found the gps coord. for the north pole: 35 41.201N 116 10.609W Thought I'd make my first post an easy one
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