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  1. one that puts out gas and electric fire i believe its a powder but im not an expert ........................
  2. o ya dump those combos and get king kong spindles. you like air to much for combos
  3. now just take them to white bros and have them worked !!!! i had a mid engine car one time and i used the single shock off of a yz 80 i just happened to have a spare frame at the time and so i had 2 shocks no one ever noticed ..................
  4. you need more rebound your tire is staying airborn in rough chop. its not staying planted. looks like your a candidate for the "guys run " nice vid
  5. do like alot of your brethren make it a mid travel sandawg
  6. Here is the worst of it only 55% of the population in californis voted. they were all close calls, so roughly these idiots got in by roughly 28% of the people of the state. so a majority perhaps not its just sickning. :Imma_throwup:
  7. we are so screwed jerry "lets run bussines outa state" brown govenor again omg barbra "close more land" boxer back to the senate :Imma_throwup: prop 23 voted down. "by by" several small bussineses. id like to thank all the morons that didnt bother to get off there lazy a$$es and vote. now you get what you get from the liberals. and of course the youngsters that dont bother to read or study. and just go out and throw votes blindly and dont even realise the damage brown did to this state in 75 to 83. and of course we will be getting more illeagles and and sanctuary cities . arizona is looking real tempting to me what a mess what a broken state............................................ :Imma_throwup:
  9. is it just me or is that alot of weight on the end of that exhaust like that for bouncing around in the dunes ??
  10. nice !! kid moves like a cat
  11. i went with the ocean blue 2 post fuse block that bolts to the cutoff with a 100 amp fuse to the dash going into a 6 position fuse block , second post is a 70 amp on a #8 wire to the roof for the 6 acro lights running to a dist block and branching to 3 relays wired off 2 switches, im combining some of the loads at the dash fuse block to keep it at 15 to 20 amp connections. instead of several 5 to 10 amp fuses. the 6 Acros hit 12.2 amps per at fire up so 70 is acceptable. i should keep a strict 80% of load, but since the fire up is only less than 60 seconds going into a 3 amp burn for lights i should be golden. dash block shouldnt exceed 50 amps but i also have the mephi 4 protected with it so it should be right @ 80% of load
  12. lol i know how you feel. james is yelling at me that im over protecting his electrical system cause i fused the main runs twords the dash, out of the switch. then he starts nagging me about relays !!! we dont need relays !!! so i turned around and told him to go pay 1000 dollars and get it half assed wired. nag nag nag i wish david was here so they could and i could get stuff done but when they were done then it would be double nag nag nag, we fired the eyeball saturday and we were we called capt and let him here it over the phone we are soldering and shrink tubing every connection however no debute for the new eyeball till t day.
  13. i dunno terry a broken trailer spring 2 bad tires sheesh i cant get a break !!! as far as shoes go i highly doubt it but i have ny furry house slippers !!!!
  14. "dont listen to him he knows not what he is saying" this is what i wanted to say however...... i was going to sneak up on him and bring my car. well today i had to replace 2 tires no biggie till i emptied the trailer and found a broken spring sh(*&^$t ok well i need to see about replacing it . and now i gotta wait and see if my batteries are still anygood. so now its anybodies guess whether or not the car makes it. how am i gonna put bells on my shoes i dont wear them
  15. its not officially dune season untill you listen to this
  16. As the cold winter air blows down from the north. The wind stirs the sands of Dumont as if to awaken her for the inevitable.sending an immediet message to the nerve centers of our brains signaling its DUNE SEASON!!! Either that or my dog farted ..... anywase........ Dune season is upon us and we have seen "the change" mr obama has laid on us. All we got is change .. in our pocket, and we try to mash together another season to heal ourselves from the horseshit of everyday life. mr babert is finally building the car he has been talking about for the last 100 years and with any luck his paddles will be placed on the back of the car !! remember babert scoops forward no more lurking with the tracker Randog who has said much of nothing i see , but even if he did we would need an interpeture from area 51 to understand him. hopefully he will be returning to the d with everyone. and pete and isbb have revamped the websight. now i just need to kidnapp one of them to figure out how to use the fuggin thing. alot of good peeps have sold there toys and have began riding farm equipment or are out altogether.do you know how hard it is to scrape farm equipment off my paddles ?? and shovel up atc 70s off the floorboard. but seriously hats off for sticking with it !! and cheese sleeze got his own colum you go rona barret !!! as for myself i have crawled out to the barn kicked some cobwebs blew out some dust and low and behold my green booger is hybernating quietly in the corner ( thank god i payed cash for it ) ready to be charged up and punish some dunes with my remaining buddies that still have cars and remember who i am I see terry is alive and kicking and ready to rock with that alumacraft hee hee dont get in terry and i's way when were jocking for position for the meet and greet after ride lol epic !!! would have been better if someone hadnt decided to stress test there frame that day. btw: pete there a great new job for you stress testing crowbars in wet sand ( i sent them your resume ) i see coles insanity has got him kicked out of the country ( it was just a matter of time ) and then theres bp guy black and ready as ever my brutha !! now remember to turn the dam camera on when were at talledega this year. btw bp i just might have a suprise for you in january tee heee heee....... i see skyz and her bunnies are still around those bunnies must belong to the sierra club has anyone seen them in a rail ?? there always hiking. there spys for skys !!! big al must have figured out im coming for breakfast cause he is hiding off vendors row hmmmmmm monkie has been very calm and sedate on the forums lately w.t.h. pete what are you feeding her ?? and then capt kiddie track killer is completely off his friggen meds. we get the car perfect so he throws a "for sale" sighn on it. i think we should all pile in his motorhome overload his humanity meter screaming "hell no we wont go" till he explodes into a quivering mass of jello on the floor. btw: roscoes chicken and waffles is a real place and they are out of this world good. !! thats all i got all im gonna give and thats that......................... for now
  17. NICE DEEP BLUE FUSEBLOCK WITH GROUNDING DEEP BLUE POWERBLOCK AND CUTOFF SWITCH. oops caps im wiring james car very similar i used the 6 station fuse block mounted in the same place. i added a power block attached to the switch with big fuse for the dash feed and a seperate power feed for the h.i.d.'s with the distrabution block in the roof to branch to the relays. with the mephi 4 having its own fuse block. we started it last night. however we'rewaiting on ricky wright to cough up the tranny. we should have it rolling for t day. but we didnt powdercoat. dont plan on it untill next summer for any add ons.
  18. dunp that front axel and put A arms on it that thing will be a gem!! who makes that frame btw
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