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  1. lmao after 5 days it was all the seaman he could take i am so jealous that is so bad azz ~!!!!!!! i think the proper word is envious !!!
  2. lol your right !!the sky crane we do not get directly under, we go in, blow down the area, and then we back off. that machine will pick up boards and throw them at you from the rotor wash ,espeacially when it starts biteing air to lift a tower. the 2 real dusty pics are what happens when they get in a hurry and dont let us blow down the sight. i was over 10 miles away . when they called it. and no one was in position, they had to abort that setting cause the dust got real bad. this paticuler copter/pilot is the one that dropped 2 towers. Im in radio contact with the copter but because of the canyon we couldnt hear each other and he went for the set. i rolled up just as he tried to set with no water. the other pics is the set with a blow down. the little yellow copter is the spotter. thats whisper he is an exvietnam copter pilot, the dude is incredible. he picks up linemen and drops them off on top of those towers. and picks them back up. lol whisper somtimes gets board and he will put tha copter 50' in front of you at eye level and fly backwards and watch you drive lol the dudes a nut !! i think he is awsome !!!
  3. another day another doughnut sure is fun !!!
  4. you have to when you have a funco in the group !!!!!!!
  5. that was the sdg&e copter the emergency release electronics failed and it released the tower. they thought they fixed it and they dropped another one ! fortunately however the flight paths set up keep it away from the public. we have a different sky crane now supposedly there gutting the other one to figure out why. yes and im paid extremly well to do so lmao. i arrive at work barefoot when i get off work boots go in the back and im barefoot it was 117 so i was moving quickly lol actually we work 6 days a week 12 hours a day we really dont get breaks 10 min here 5 min there no one trips cause of the long hours when i want to take a picture mafaka !!!
  6. ya and that one is desighned where it sucks up its own water out of streams and washes for fire fighting. sperry creek lol. we even got a fire fighting cannon and on call because of blm property. i can shoot people off there bikes o heck ya !!!!!
  7. ill dune with this its a 6 wheelin mafaka and it has air lockers and lo lo lo range t case. the roof of my lifted dodge only goes to the top of the hood on this hog. makes my 37 toyos look like golf cart wheels
  8. all fun and games till he tried to deport me ................
  9. hey move me to general chat im not lost no more btw more pics it was 108 and sprinkling. the copter was about 50 foot over my head. a lil unerving but its all good cant wait for the sikorski sky crane to come back
  10. you mean his black bald dome piece shining in the wind while playing the jeffersons theme but no one notices cause there staring at the car. she is a beauty
  11. lmao mafakas !!!! :cocktail:
  14. also about second gear you need the upgraded second gear they were known for going out '
  15. you a tard go back and look at the 2 pics you didnt post that you think you did
  16. ynot , it's VERY different and you know that. cooking oil will not harm plants, animals, or humans. where motor oil and black tanks are. fresh water isnt harmfull either. im sure there is better ways to get rid of cooking oil than burying it im sure. we handled ours differently , but im not gonna get upset about a person buring cooking oil.
  17. what a cool job anna but tell me did you lose some weight ?????
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