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  1. Need to print them on the triangle / small whip flags... Id rock the kung flu on the 2 wheeler.
  2. Shooting for a day trip Saturday...
  3. stupid work making miss all the fun...
  4. Bummed I couldn't have participated in the project...
  5. Skinner big justin was also just re-diagnosed with breast cancer again.
  6. At one point there was a SECRET event put on by another sand affiliated website that was done by invite only etc etc etc.... It was held in the big sand box down south. Aside from that the most racing you are gonna get is banshee wars and the others you mentioned. No one has officially used the sand dunes as a race course to my knowledge for any sponsored sporting event.
  7. Stabilizer Check Wheel Spacers Check Oil Change Check New filters Check sh*t n Sleep - In progress... but fk it lets ride!
  8. I sat around the house wishing I was in Kennedy meadows with the guys... So I went to the lake and floated in the water for a bit lol.
  9. I can work from the dunes this season. Time to go toyhauler shopping
  10. i always love those text messages... Ummm DDR may be fked!! ahhh sh*t... its been a hot minute since weve had a problem... this cant be good lol.
  11. Dont let this keep you from BUYING out of state. This process/headache has been around california for YEARS... some simple homework would have preparred you for the battle you were about to take on. GD.com here and a few other places have hundreds of posts/threads regarding this exact subject. Its not new... and has nothing to do with buying an untitled car. It has everything to do with California be stupid.
  12. Ill be there . Might come out Friday afterwork or bright and early saturday am through sunday
  13. I have a freaking bowling tourney that weekend. Damnit..
  14. Quest, Red Flatbed and Buggy loaded all wrong. Potosi adventure we will never forget!
  15. Yep... Exactly how I felt when I found it!
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