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  1. We will see once it gets closer, I'm gonna have to do some horse tradin to make it all happen, since I dont have a ton of vac. like we used to.
  2. DONE!!!.................. We are just getting started up here, now that the cold and snow is gone, it will be off to Little Sahara Ut. in June then to St. Anthony in July and hopefully BACK to St. A's for DS Days.
  3. The RV park at Armagosa lets people dump there for $10.
  4. We will be there on Wed. till Sun. Cant wait, we REALLY need a sand fix!!
  5. I have that same pump in my race fuel barrel in the shop and yep its a leakin pig, so I would look for a batt operated one that will be similar to the one in your toyhauler when you pump the gas out of the holding tank.
  6. Ok, let me reword this.......it was FAST to me. Either way it will be cool to see all the fast stuff there, as I will be sittin in my slow a$$ Rhino with the kids watchin.......when I'm not gettin my a$$ handed to me on the wifes Honda.
  7. Them are some badass bikes!!! Hope to see you there..... although we will be on WAY slower bikes than we used to have..Hehe
  8. We have plans on bein there, it mostly depends on weather up here.........hoping for no more SNOW!!!!!
  9. RIP fellow duner. The weird part is he went to school with my wife and she heard about the accident via F/B. She wasnt close to him, but still weird to see a fellow classmate dead. And just like it was prev. stated, we have seatbelts in the toys for a reason...
  10. I really hope we dont have a white Christmas...........so we will have good roads to travel to Dumont on th 26th!!!!

  11. We will be there from the 26th - 2nd. This is all pending decent weather to get out of here, really hoping we DONT have a white Christmas....LOL
  12. 36K???? Holy crap, I thought I had a lot in my Rhino, thats almost double
  13. Very nic shots!!! I know a who a few of them riders are......#29 Andrew Short, #243 Eli Tomac, blue plated #1 Ahley Filoek, blue #4 Sherri Cruise. We are hopin to get to see some supercross this yr......time will tell.
  14. Thanks for the heads up!! Ya never know who to trust anymore .
  15. Cool!! I was wondring if any of you guys were gonna go on New yrs. Sounds like we will be on the far end all the way to the right with the rest of the N.Nev guys.....Any way see you all there !!!!
  16. Very cool guys, never have understood why people do that stuff anyway.
  17. We love ours, although it still a slow stock Rhino 700 LOL. But thats gonna change soon!! We have had ours for 2 seasons now and it is a ball,its great to be able to load the kids and go out with everyone else. The nice part about goin to the hill is, the wife wont ride with me, its a control thing for her and she dont want to drive the Rhino so she takes her TRX, once at the hill I still have a bike to race up the hill.
  18. We have a 700 Rhino that has the back seats and cage to tote the little ones, I do love it!! It goes everywhere I have pointed, that being said. THE STOCK SUSPENSION SUCKS!!! Like it was posted earlier get a mid travel kit when the $$$$$ allow, I will be doin this hopefully this winter between trips. But all in all they are a ball and no it may not be a sand rail but you can have a ball in the sand with them. Also get paddles for the rear, doin that mod alone will make for a far better weekend!!
  19. We go there quite often, if you like parties go at Easter. We are only gonna make probly 1 trip there this year for DS Days at Labor Day. But it is a good place to go.
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