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  1. Rip Bert. Prayers to his family and friends. Very sad day
  2. Key ingredient for me is the company. The dunes are. great and hauling @%# is fun but without great company its not a good trip. I've been fortunate for many seasons to surround myself with great people that have the same outlook as myself That's my opinion
  3. We were out there all weekend and came up on the wreck shortly after it happened. Its a damn shame that a life has to be lost over ignorance. I'm a firm believer in learning new things in life but PLEASE learn from experienced people. From what I saw of the aftermath was pretty nasty. EVERYONE ...if you have a stock cage do yourself and your family and friends and get am aftermarket cage. These stock cages are garbage!!!!! it was a very Erie Feeling afterwards .....dunes were quiet for quite awhile.
  4. I'm jealous. That sounds like a killer way to spend the summer. Congrats. Have fun and be safe
  5. Robby is the man. Lets just hope he keeps it on all fours and Dakar doesn't hit him with a dq like they did last year
  6. Ill be there Friday evening. We are camping at little dunes this time for the kiddos
  7. I'd like to go Adam. Let me know when your going for sure. Day trips in January are the best
  8. I can tell you the problem .....its the generations, kids/young adults have not been taught to respect their surroundings let alone themselves or others. Parents these days have to start taking time for their kids and teach them right from wrong and respect. But then again it is hard to teach respect to others when you don't have it to begin with. Its a sad place this world has become. Parents are scared of their kids and kids take FULL advantage of it.
  9. you are more than welcome to buy mine at the end of the season.....its just about that time for me to go bigger with the family expanding and all.
  10. Lets do it.....Im in forsure work is slowing down which means Dune Season is near....Im always down to eat.
  11. Robby signed with NBC all of the races will be LIVE on national TV Greatest thing to happen to TV since the remote was invented
  12. yeah its been a BUSY summer with work I feel like an old man, getting up with the roosters and in bed before dark. Its a rough life bringing tv enjoyment to people
  13. nice footage Adam Man i cant wait to get out there
  14. Ill be there for sure in my normal spot (bathroom 10) any and all that know my rig swing by and say hello, have a drink, and lets RIDE
  15. looks like it will be amazing like it was last year. Im going to speak for myself and probably alot of others on here when I say THANK YOU for doing this. It is GREAT, My 7 yr old loved it last year!
  16. well this blows!!!!!!! i just bought an 85 atc 70 today in hopes of having done for the regatta. Looks like it will be done for the "GROUP" gathering.
  17. Air bags are the way to go. Weight dist. is a must along with the brake controller. I installed some air bags on my truck and the end of last season and should have done it YEARS ago.
  18. I wake up EVERY morning hoping that it is October.....the sandticipation is overwhelming sometimes
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